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[Arcade PC] Chunithm NEW / + / Int. / Sun (S3G@ ALLS)


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20 minutes ago, chunithm PC said:

So how do I use the Internet?

How the hell have you, who showed up on this forum less than a month ago, managed to persuade someone to giove you chuni new lmfao


and you don't, unless you also can manage to persuade the same person to let you in on some private network

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Il y a 12 heures, chunithm PC a dit :

I have keyIP but i don't know how can lmfao

I have a friend who is faithful to unlock exe

It's just that segatools is taken from someone else

And I've been on the forums for over a year and just left briefly because of previous cleanings

Did you have playable chunithm new file???

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35 minutes ago, chunithm PC said:

chusanio.dll 320.44 kB · 9 downloads

anyone i need help how do i extract the damn vhd file for .app

Vhd out

I try anything

use https://www.osforensics.com/tools/mount-disk-images.html to mount it then extract internal_0.vhd


4 minutes ago, bakaaa said:

Share the decrypted exe and we'll be able to figure out how to do everything else


don't have uncracked amdaemon.exe tho so it crashes while starting up

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41 minutes ago, chunithm PC said:

Is this an unlocked vhd?

No the exe is still packed and without a unpacked exe some of the offsets are messed up giving you rainbow airnotes instead of purple. I think this can be fixed by either a unpacked 2.50 exe or a updated 2.03+ icf file. 


Edit: After some digging the change from purple to rainbow might be intentional????? It seems the ntt airlad_line file has indeed changed it's textures to a rainbow.......

Edited by AlucardTheGamer
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Il y a 2 heures, AlucardTheGamer a dit :

不,exe 仍然是打包的,如果沒有解壓的 exe,一些偏移量會被弄亂,給你彩虹的 airnotes 而不是紫色。我認為這可以通過解壓的 2.50 exe 或更新的 2.03+ icf 文件來解決。 


編輯:經過一番挖掘後,從紫色變為彩虹可能是故意的??????看來 ntt airlad_line 文件確實將其紋理更改為彩虹......

 Or EW and MAS difference

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