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[Arcade PC] Chunithm NEW / + / Int. / Sun / ... (S3G@ ALLS)


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20 minutes ago, AlucardTheGamer said:

Okay I can confirm you cant just drag the old Amdeamon / ChusanApp on Chunithm New Plus!! I am unable to get it to connect to aqua AND Its missing the copyright textures as well as some symbols in the ticket shop that pops up at the start. Just remove your opts from the original Chusan and drag in the new A000 for the time being. If the new exe gets unpacked then leaked we might be able to fix it. It also might be a ICF issue and we might need a new ICF higher than 2.02... I know that the higher ICF file implements the green textures for the blue air notes. However, a simple fix for that is to just drag the notes in from the new chusan DDS folder into the old one. However don't drag in the new purple air action line it's rainbow for some reason and I do not know if thats intentional even tho the texture change indicates that it is. Thank you chunithm PC!!!

Could you tell me how to successfully run it? I still got I/O board error using above chusanhook.

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I'm stopped at all net authentication bad. How to fix it or bypass it?



19 minutes ago, leo0317 said:

I think is amdaemon.exe problem......
After ロード完了,jumped out instantly at Aime 100

You can set 2 inject.exe "run as admin" then start.

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il y a 8 minutes, void_0v0 a dit :




您可以設置 2 inject.exe“以管理員身份運行”然後啟動。

same crash......
maybe use version 2.00.01?
because I can not decompression 2.01.00 or 2.02.00 vhd file using POWER ISO or OSFMount

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I'm sorry. I used a translator because I couldn't speak English.
Using the Chusanhook posted in the previous comment, if you crash the game on aime 100 and run the Chusan-segatools on page 1 as an administrator, Error 8114 appears. Is there a solution?

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To run chusanApp:

  1. Download the HDD, ICF files, cracked chusanApp.exe, cracked amdaemon.exe and SegaTool
  2. Unzip the hdd. Copy two ICF files to apfs folder. Override the bin folder by SegaTool.
  3. Replace "config_cvt.json" to "config_sp.json" in start.bat or it will crash after "Aime 100" scene (For current leaked HDD)
  4. If your screen is 60Hz, an additional path is need for chusanApp.exe. Apply the 60Hz path or it will crash with error code 3400.

Current SegaTool only provide partial support for new. For me i can't use coin button and air tower.

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Hello. When attempting to run Chunithm New, at AIME 0 at the loading screen, it just crashes with the message 

unitIndex out of range

Attached are some logs that might be of use. Any idea on how to fix this, or am I one of the few that can't run amdaemon?


My Chunithm version is SDHD_2.00.01_20210917065431_0 if this helps.


Thank you,



assert_20220313_044514.txt amdaemon.exe.log

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