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  1. I found a event map (Chain Chronicle~ヘクセイタスの閃~ under crystal Plus) cannot clear due to the requested song MY LIBERATION is missing. May I confirm if song is not included or i need to unlock it at other map? Thanks..
  2. Maybe same issue as mine. You may try switch tasoller to 16key config (FN2 + 33/34) and see if it can solve.
  3. As my previous reply, i foung lag when playing songs, if tasoller setup with 32key config and 32key io. With same io and setup tasoller as 16key mode, songs can play normally without lag, and assume it's not caused by PC hardware / software / win10 Game mode. No idea how to solve it...🤔 But when i go to service menu and do input test, it can detect half of 32 keys only caused by incorrect io. i.e. 32 keys as 2 roll, 01-18 and A to R, only 1-18 can be detected So i want to try if setup a io from a1b2c3d4... to aabbccdd... can improve the accuracy.
  4. Thanks for remind and i've tested it's fail to fallback to version 1.0 CFW, so I asked how can I edit chuniio input to 16 key...🤦 As now I'm using 16 key config with 32 key dll to prevent lag in game, but when i go to test mode, i found half of key are failed to detect (cause by dll not match)
  5. Thanks for reply. As China seller told me that new tasoller comes with firmware 2.0 so i will wait for new custom firmware then test again..
  6. Using i7-10700f & MSI RTX3060 Ventus 2X 12G OC...🤔
  7. Thanks for reply but issue still occurs even turn off game mode OTL Symptoms below: Screen frozen suddenly and music still playing. After music ends, lots of miss come out and shows Failed result as normal. Lag will continues in next song. Repair after reboot game.(but occurs again when playing) I can finish whole song with 16key config normally but i need 32key accuracy... Quite sure not PC issue as it's newly builded with i7-10gen and rtx3060 Wondering why those lag only occurs when 32 key config at tasoller...
  8. I just got my tasoller and found lag when playing some dedicared songs (e.g. 真赤な誓い Master which is added from Paradise) with 32 key mode, but normal when switch tasoller to 16 key. I tried to re-install (1.40 to 1.45 to paradise) but same issue occurs, so I want to update the chuniio.dll to 16 key mode and further test. How can I update keys in dll? as i tried to open with notepad++ but no idea where to change it. Thank you.
  9. As i want to have 2 save data, so I tried to use the felica copy auto script which posted at Amazon. But i tried to create 1st data at Crystal with pressing enter (Card A, with player data saved) Then create felica.copy 1 & 2 with different card number, and press F5(Card A)/F6(Card B which is empty) It can get Card A only ... Press enter it get same Card A too. So may i know If there is other solution for 2 savedata? I'm using minime016. Thank you. Edit: i just solved with using another real aime card number🤦
  10. Sega Nu 1.1 (Japan version) are build with i3-3220 & GTX750ti & 4gb ram ALLS HX2 (International version) with i7 6th gen & GTX1050ti & 8gb ram I don't think those spec can run Chunithm with 4K...
  11. Just saw this new post after reply in amazon so copy to here Just a small small finding, sorry for poor English again. For someone who may cares about the warning page, which shows only when start game, it come up with Chinese, like me, You may go to \app\data\surfboard\advertise\ You can see there is CHU_UI_Advertise_00_v10.srd and another file ends with .original Just rename the .srd and remove .original . It will returns to original warning.
  12. Sorry for poor english Did u tried to check your DNS setting in segatools.ini U should change it from default to your internal ip address 192.168.x.x Or you may try to batch at somewhere then u can keep use default one I installed at my notebook, so i do batched and default dns works at workplace/home even internal IP changed