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  1. Set your IP to your actual local IP instead of localhost.
  2. Yeah, can confirm the unlocker is working - thanks again!
  3. The cue validator works fine, I get 64 errors, 936 valid pairs, 194 worlds end files I should have been more specific, only the MusicDuplicator validator errors. Assuming it checks the music.xml files, if you put an error handler around it and spit out the filename that's erroring, I can tell you what's up with the file and if it's just something weird in my data. EDIT BTW, can confirm the unlocker works, I know have 217 in the Pops section
  4. This is very cool, although I'm not sure the unlocker is working correctly when selecting individual things to unlock (e.g. going to A000 and selecting music) - it instantly returns to the selection menu having apparently not done anything, and there's no evidence in game of a change. Similarly this occurs with events - I have 932 events, but only 375 unlocked, and unlocking them in the tool does nothing. I don't want to unlock everything as I enjoy earning the characters etc. Additionally while running the validators I hit an XML error pretty much immediately: Checking music.xml Duplicate Validation... There is an error in XML document (2, 2). Press Any Key to Quit.. For reference, all of my data is in my A000 folder after a move, and I have nearly every music track unlocked according to other posts - just missing around 10 (e.g. I have 215 in pops and anime instead of 217). Yet the report from ytour tool says I have 1130 songs, with 1118 unlocked, no duplicates. The compare filelist function says I have 0 missing, 1 extra.
  5. Unfortuantely none of these suggestions worked, leading me to assume that because I'm stuck on 155, that the loading of them is working - but I just don't have all the songs. EDIT: Finally got to the bottom of ti - the problem was my A114 folder wasn't nearly big enough. Downloading that again from a previous post put me up to many more songs - still not quite right but close enough.
  6. I'll try that latter method in a bit - thanks for your help.
  7. I replaced my A017 with this one, and replaced the xml, but unfortunately I'm still sat at the same number of songs.
  8. Assuming it's this reupload you're referring to: it doesn't appear to have an XML for me?
  9. Oddly, none of my options folders had a musicSort.xml in them. I dropped the one from paradise in just in case but it's had no effect, which is probably unsurprising.
  10. Where does it go? In the music subfolders in the AXXX folders?
  11. do you have a copy of the MusicSort.xml for A008 and where it should go? The folder from the mega archive posted above doesn't appear to have it in it. EDIT: this was a segatools issue I think, I had it pointing to the wrong folder. EDIT2: ok, this has helped, but I'm still only on 155 songs for Pops, instead of 217 - so I think the musicSort thing might be my issue still.
  12. The option.7z gets flagged for a trojan by Windows Defender. so thanks for that.
  13. This doesn't work, same error for me. EDIT: A fix I found is moving the chunithm folder from my E drive to my D drive. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it works.
  14. I am having this same issue, anyone got any ideas? I even started fresh from a new crystal download and updated up to crystal plus, not gone up to Paradise yet, but it's not working. Crystal on its own works fine.
  15. use a more modern version of MiniMe instead of the v9 included.