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[SINGE 2] New LD Engine + Games (3.32 update + DLIIe surprise)


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Do you have the same problème with other singe game on Windows 7, also when you open the game you should see a black Windows (at the Botton by pressing Windows Keys)telling what error you have,let me know.thanks

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@Karis It has been awhile since posting about Singe.. I have come across an issue with DragonRise USB encoders (arcade sticks). These do come up as game controllers in windows. Singe has default buttons assigned to these which I tried to change with Joy2Key keyboard commands but will not work as double inputs are being detected with the assigned Joy2Key keyboard keys. 

The directionals are fine. But action for example... is assigned to button 3 on the encoders, and pause is button 1, start is button 9 (which is a side pinball button) Is there anyway to have the keyboard keys take precedent over the USB encoders? Or possibly change button inputs in Singe?


Singe Button Assignments for DragonRise USB Encoders in relation to Xbox controls

(Arcade control config - Start and Coin with 6 button layout and 2 side pinball buttons)

Missing alot of button assignments by default

B1 - Pause (Y)

B2 - NA

B3 - Action (A)

B4 - Load/Save (X)

B5 - NA

B6 - NA

B7 - NA

B8 - NA

B9 - Start (Start)

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On 5/11/2022 at 04:22, BLADESCATER said:

Ciao a tutti ecco il mio nuovo gioco

Nome Cracké 

1100 mosse

Difficile molto difficile

30 livelli



Senza titolo 10_20221024094235.png



relink please, it's down

On 3/20/2023 at 12:18 AM, BLADESCATER said:

nouveau jeu avec nouveau MazescaterFramework et de nombreux mouvements inedit


Please re-up, links are broken. Thanks!

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