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  1. These are stunning @sirdrak although I do tend to lean towards the original 4:3 aspect ratios. I would love to get some of the other Daphne video remastered for use in Hypseus Singe. @LizardKing's 4K of Cobra Command works great off the original ROM in Hypseus Singe. See here: [Hidden Content] However, we don't currently have any other hires Daphne video for testing apart from lair/lair2 & ace, as it was unsupported in the original Daphne. We need more .... If anyone wants to give this a try: [Hidden Content]
  2. The application doesn't add the decorations, that is all wrapper scripts. Hypseus will be a direct drop-in within any Daphne packages so should be able to adapt to use whatever bezels are available. There may be slight sizing changes required, but I will leave that up to the packaging developers
  3. A Windows port of the Hypseus Singe Daphne/Singe SDL2 replacement. Lots of new features: Hisres m2v support in Daphne games (See Cobra Command below). Specify alternate config files (-keymapfile) New overlays Multi-joystick support. Joystick axis switching. *joymouse* support in Singe. Full SDL2 optimisation. Takes existing Daphne arguments plus a few new additional - See main page in repo for details. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. I have put together a Windows Port of Hypseus Singe. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Unzip as "C:\Hypseus Singe" there is a lair.bat file for examples on minimal required arguments, pretty much the same as Daphne. The config file 'hypinput.ini' is in the same directory, you may alter, but requires SDL2 keycodes (see comments in file). List of new features: Hisres m2v support in Daphne games (See Cobra Command in thread). Specify alternate config files (-keymapfile) New overlays Multi-joystick support. Joystick axis switching. *joymouse* support in Singe. Full SDL2 optimisation. See up-to-date links in first thread post.
  5. @LizardKing Ok, I have put together a Windows port of Hypseus Singe (v2.4.6) [Hidden Content] If you unzip as "C:\Hypseus Singe" there is a lair.bat file in there to show you the format for running, pretty much the same arguments as Daphne. I put the default hypinput.ini config file in the directory, you may want to alter - Note SDL2 key codes. Appreciate any feedback.
  6. Grab Fire and Ice game from the Kangaroo Punch link to archive.org Uncompress game and take FaI.mp4 from the download, you don't need the other files. Run this .mp4 through conversion in ffmpeg, as per repo instructions: ffmpeg -i FaI.mp4 -an -qscale:v 4 -b:v 6000k -codec:v mpeg2video fireandice.m2v ffmpeg -i FaI.mp4 -vn -c:a libvorbis -ar 44100 -map a -b:a 160k fireandice.ogg You can adjust -b:v setting to get smaller, lower quality, video (i.e. -b:v 4182k) Take the resulting .m2v and .ogg files and add them to the 'fireandice' directory from the repo. Install directory as a game. I think that covers it... [Hidden Content] if you run Windows. @MadMax4Q2 did some aspect ratio conversion, it appears, he may want to share the additional steps.
  7. release 2.4.5 * Multiple joystick input supported. * Advanced joystick configuration (See doc/hypinput.ini) * Reverse joystick axis - flight games (See doc/flightkey.ini) * Existing joystick configurations work unchanged. New version released that has multiple joystick support within Daphne and Singe. Allows swapping UP/DOWN on joystick axis in flight games - not previously possible in Daphne.
  8. If someone managed to compile the original Daphne, then there is no reason why this version shouldn't work, with a little work maybe. You would need to find someone with the relevant build environment and tools and give it a go...
  9. I think it's just the '\' newline separator that confusing things, that's Linux specific. This works for me: ffmpeg -i temp.mp4 -filter:v 'crop=ih/3*4:ih' -c:v libx264 -crf 23 -preset veryfast -c:a copy fireandice.mp4
  10. Thanks to info from Karis, we can easily convert the Kangaroo Punch video to Singe 1 status. The titanae on the repo, cuts out level 5, a short (demo) level that was added in the conversion to Singe 2. So use the directory in the repo and trim the video: ffmpeg -i Titan_AE.mp4 -t 00:45:29 -an -qscale:v 4 -b:v 6000k -codec:v mpeg2video titanae.m2v ffmpeg -i Titan_AE.mp4 -t 00:45:30 -vn -c:a libvorbis -ar 44100 -map a -b:a 160k titanae.ogg Again I put this in the README.md of the directory on the repo. If you come across the original version, it would be interesting to compare. I put screenshots of TitanAE a few posts back., Unfortunately, Puss in Boots seems to be vastly different and I am pretty sure we cannot just trim that....
  11. The last one I am now after in Puss in Boots for Singe 1, I would appreciate if anyone has it they can let me know
  12. I did increase the encoding quality on the front page of the repo guide for ffmpeg: -qscale:v 4 -b:v 6000k from -b:v 4182k This will result in larger files, (but no larger than the original video you are encoding from), but results in much cleaner video, of course it's not essential. If you are a Windows user, I should say that [Hidden Content] gives good results.
  13. Singe1 will be 'jack' and 'dragon' the others are Singe 2 and have issues due to extended frames. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] I put comments in the README.md of each directory in the repo if applicable.
  14. Not my links, but: Samurai Jack (Singe 1): [Hidden Content] Dragon Trainer (Singe 1): [Hidden Content] Adapted .singe files are in the repo - above only required for video.
  15. @MadMax4Q2 When you get the correct rip from Kangaroo Punch video, ensure you grab the latest files from the repo, they fix the font issue: Thanks to Karis, the TitanAE rip should also now work as reverted to Singe 1 state, ensure you read the README.md file in the titanae directory on how to rip the TitanAE video correctly. Again make sure you use the Kangaroo Punch archive.org video for TitanAE: