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  1. I understood the "problem"; unfortunately, to run games from command string with attract mode, files and file calls must all be called in the same way. In the cfg files there was the maddog entry and in others the maddog_singe entry or similar. To start it from attract mode I have to rename all the files with the name of the folder where, so I renamed the folder and the various file references all in maddog
  2. Ciao Karis/ALL i use attract mode frontend for play Singe2 and other emulator. For the last version i use ths string to start your different version game : String1 Start Singe.exe -k -w -z -v [name]\script -v [name]\video\[name].mp4 -w [name]\Script\[name].singe String2 Start Singe.exe -k -w -z -v [name]\index -v [name]\movie\[name].mp4 -w [name]\[name].singe But now this trings don't start because you have changed anythings some code in new version singe file. Tks a lot guys
  3. the file is only for developer or final user (gamer) Kais You have new game ??
  4. Atomiswave games ported dreamcast

    Sorry bat this game haven't the intro game presentation ?? why ??
  5. What is this percent mode ? I can download all file or specific file ?? Tks