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[Arcade PC] ICE Game Dumps

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Mirror of this dumps thread



Found this in an old thread and I tried getting some of the games to work. Most of these run off Linux and some run off Windows.

Here are the games I tested:

Wheel of fortune 3.0

on mirror

Busters Bubble


on mirror




on mirror

Deal Or no Deal


on mirror

Tux Racer

on mirror


Chuck E Cheese's Sketch Book

PARTS:Sketch Book

Runs off Red Hat Linux. I tried booting an ISO of this in a Virtual Machine but it doesn't work. 

Download: https://archive.org/download/arcade-games/ice games/ice games/CEC Sketch book.zip

mirror: https://uptobox.com/xa6d8qg2l2db


PARTS:Monsterous Pusher

This game works fine, all you need to do is mount the ISO named "MT Game File Installer CEC 1.0.iso"  and install it. 

Controls are unknown.


https://archive.org/download/arcade-games/ice games/ice games/Monsterous.zip

mirror: https://uptobox.com/n2ksdrfns2tz

Kiddie Coaster

Game runs off a DVD and doesn't use any operating system (Windows, Linux)

It's basically just 6 hours of roller coaster POV footage. Basically a glorified DVD player with a motion simulator.

https://archive.org/download/arcade-games/ice games/ice games/Kiddie coaster.zip

Mirror: https://uptobox.com/rg9bpnuco9sh

Robin Hood

Robin Hood - Videogame by I.C.E.

Game uses an installer similar to Monsterous however you need a serial number to get past the "Bad Security" screen.

https://archive.org/download/arcade-games/ice games/ice games/Robin Hood unified installer.rar

Mirror: https://uptobox.com/tmmy6t3ao7me


More of the ICE arcade dumps (as well as the ones I showed above) can be found here:

https://archive.org/download/arcade-games/ice games/ice games



Real Steel extracted and TP ready






Ice Age Ice Breaker 1.90 extracted and TP ready





Angry Birds / DinoDash / ShellGames = see post 2.




If anyone gets these working I will add them here.


Others dumps, see below or on mirror site.


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Here are a few games i pulled from some ICE restore discs. I think these should be complete, but I can't run them to test. 




Angry Birds Arcade




Dino Dash




Shell Game



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Does anybody know if the Harpoon lagoon is  linux based game, I know Centepede chaos is such and we wont see it in a playable state. As far as I know Teknoparrot hasn't included it.

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2 minutes ago, Zen_B7 said:

Looks like a phone game, so simple.
So probably Android, which is Linux based.

I dont think its an Android based game, anyway I played these type of fishing games,mostly by Chinese arcade developers and they are quite fun.

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For Dino Dash:



I extracted this game from an ISO on Archive.org, appears to use the HASP Sentinel dongle and is Windows-based. Does not work atm, hopefully someone can either patch this or the TP devs can add it.


Extracted game files:




Full recovery ISO (extract the RECOVERYSDI.SDI file using 7Zip to get to the actual game files themselves):



The links are encrypted, use Base64Decode.org to decrypt them.



The ISO will definetly be useful to someone as it contains some important game files.

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  • Team

the game has already been proposed (version 1.2) and is exactly the same as your extracted version (I compared it). I've therefore moved your post here (only the original iso is of interest).

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I need some help with extracting a certain file. So I'm attempting to extract the game dump from the ISO of Wheel of Fortune version 1.20 (as i'm unable to find an iso of 3.0) and I can extract the "WOFL_v01.20_Prod_Data1" file with 7zip to get to the first section of the game files. However, I cannot get to the second part of the game files as I cannot extract WOFL_v01.20_Prod_Data2 with 7zip. Does anyone know how to extract this?

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