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  1. Understood. So I guess you're working in the new .singe file to enable two players
  2. Maybe I didn't explain myself... Are you playing with TWO lightguns? AFAIK Hypseus can only use 1 lightgun/mouse for lightgun games even using the manymouse parameter
  3. Ok, so the only way to play with two players on ALG and Picmatic lightgun games nowadays is using WinUAE
  4. How do you get it to work properly using PS Fake and the gun in gamepad mode? I have assigned the gun axes to the left stick of player 7 and in the game the crosshair generated by RPCS3 for the player moves correctly according to the gun, however the real movement of the PS Move in the game is very slow even if I change the values of the left stick and it's not aligned with the RPCS3 crosshair
  5. Amazing work @Machin33x!! Your other forks (Duckstation and Dolphin) work like a champ using mamehooker or serial communication directly. So, regarding Silent Scope games, is not possible to add lightgun support using this method? Or is hard to do it? For give support to the non-USA games, what do you need, how can we help you? Many, many thanks for your effort and this amazing work
  6. Go to the Filter menu and you can play with the sliders that manage the horizontal\vertical position and size of the image
  7. I have an American Laser Games & Picmatic pack for WinUAE in archive.org. This pack includes Fast Draw https://archive.org/details/winuae_alg_picmatic
  8. At this moment RPCS3 uses the mouses\lightguns order defined by Windows.
  9. I tried it. Fantastic work Machin33x!!... I saw that you've cloned PCSX2 in your github too, so I guess you're working in add two lightguns support in PCSX2 too
  10. The pack with the bezels are in the archive.org I shared previously
  11. If you enter to the service menu you can change the audio and the game text from Spanish to English and vice versa. But remember, to enter the service menu don't insert coins
  12. https://www.recreativas.org/los-justicieros-945-picmatic https://retrolaser.es/recreativas-org-comienza-la-preservacion-de-las-recreativas-en-laserdisc-de-picmatic/ No dump available yet
  13. Ah sorry, I misunderstanding you, There are several options to configure on WinUAE regarding interlacing: On Display Settings On Filter settings: You can play with these settings to obtain the results you're looking for
  14. So, with this steps do you achieve to play with two players\lightguns?
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