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Star Trek Voyager & Police Trainer 2 [ARCADE]


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Hello! I'm new here so please pardon any ignorance I may show.


I run Linux and have seen that some people have been able to get Star Trek Voyager running under Linux.

I can't seem to find any working documentation on how to do so though, anyone have a link?

Also, Police Trainer 2 seems very similar.

In fact, I decided to explode the CHD files as the files in the download section seemed incomplete.

Each CHD file (from M.A.M.E./M.E.S.S.) contains 4 hard drive partitions, 1 being a 251 MEG swap. Both games are laid out exactly the same.


As in there is an STV directory in the Police Trainer 2 CHD with the full Star Trek game in it and there's a PT2 directory in the Star Trek Voyager CHD with

the full Police Trainer 2 game in it! Why?!?!

Is it a screw up by the people who did these dumps, did they accidentally combine both games, or do the games actually have each other

on both their hard drives?

I have included lists of all the files on each partition for anyone who is curious.

Has any progress been made on this?

The way I extracted the partitions was to use various Linux shell commands.

Below are lists of the contents of each partition labeled HD1, HD3 and HD4. (HD2 is just swap)



As you can see, stv and pt2 are on both in multiple places. Very strange.

Also, they seem more complete than the stand alone non-CHD dumps but maybe that's just because they cut out the duplicates and streamlined things.



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Ahahahha! Funny! Yes there is a ton of VERY STRANGE SHIT in these CHDS!

Like a website and I think I even saw apache in there too, linux text games, etc.

And most of the binaries in bin work on the latest Debian/Ubuntu as well.

I really don't get it, these are probably raw hard drive dumps. It's very weird.

They didn't really need multiple partitions, they don't need half of the stuff that's there.

Plus obviously stuff like Fleetwood Mac MP3s is copyrighted material.

They must have been done by the same company and they must have been confident no one could get into their stuff

because both games seem to be fully in each other's drives.


BTW - For Windows users with CR/LF issues, just load each file into wordpad and save it back out.

It will then be viewable in NOTEPAD and other M$ software.


P.S. - Are there any utilities that automatically extract files from CHDs?

CHDMAN does NOT do it, all it does is convert between CHD and RAW/ETC. full image files.

I think you can add a file or something but it doesn't seem able to pull all the partitions out of the CHD.

I was thinking of possibly making a utility if there isn't one or at least writing documentation on how to do it.

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Guest Jayinem

I'm pretty sure Police Trainer 2 can't be played yet. There's a tutorial at ArcadePunks just google ArcadePunks Star Trek Voyager to get it working with VirtualBox. 

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Jayinem: Thank you for the suggestion. I have seen the VM method and also seen a video of someone running it under actual Linux.

                I want to know how to run it under actual linux. 8)

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hace 4 horas, hippopippo dijo:

This linux dump contains all the files needed to be played with TP (exe : pt2s_g11), but the original mame chd is a real mess so I tried to reconstruct all the paths, hoping they will be correct when the game will be emulated (wip till now)


https://anonfiles.com/Lb13v0W5yb/P.T.2_rar (make a mirror asap)

It's curious I did the same this past weekend, but although  both executables have the same size, with your version TP shows the following error



using my executable the error is:




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hace 34 minutos, hippopippo dijo:

game is still in devonly mode so we will have to wait a little longer to understand if the mame dump works or not

Impatience gets the better of us 

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