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Here comes a new challenger


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Hi everyone,long time member of this site but  mostly watching,learning and catch up the news on arcade emu scene.

Glad to see the site is back a lot of valuable info and help.

Literately i have been born into the arcades and pinball cause my family was a small arcade operator back

in the days.

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I've been a member for a long time, but never had anything to say.
Just putting my voice out there so everyone knows this is a real account.
I'm glad to see the site back online.

Maybe I'll have something interesting to say in the future.



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So good to have Emuline back, you don't know what you have until it is gone, it is already the best emulation site out there, Ok you can get the games from other places but if you want to have them work as well, this is the site for you.


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How did you know the site ?

Discord group

For the old ones, how long have you been using it ?

twice a week

Your favorite games, consoles and genre ?
(1)PDAFT、gundam vs (2)system 357 、system bna1(3)act

Ae you more blue or red pill ? (Morpheus)


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Thanks for put the EmuLine back up! My daily go-to! 😄

Im a Popn / SDVX / Lightgun / Racing-guy but recently start played some shmups games

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Hello ! 


Très content que le site soit revenu et évolue.


Je viens de France et j'ai connu le forum depuis plusieurs années. Celui-ci est vraiment la référence de l'arcade et toujours agréable à lire.


Fan de retrogaming depuis de longues années, je ne me lasse pourtant pas de voir que l'arcade évolue et que les jeux soient de plus en plus accessible pour le plus grand nombre et avec une communauté très active.



A bientot



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