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Rail-shooters in co-op… online!


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Yup, you read that right. A friend and I managed to get a few games running and I thought we'd share our findings. We couldn't get everything to work just now but at least Dolphin and TeknoParrot did.


Now, onto the tutorial part. Rather than explaining which games work, I'll boil it down to the two emulators that do. But first, let's get a lil something called Parsec. You'll need to make an account, download the software and then install it. If you haven't heard of Parsec, this basically works like Steam Remote Play, allowing you to play with an online player in local co-op. You'll need quite a strong connection, that's granted, but it's the best we've got. Try the options as much as you will but make sure you disable the "Exclusive Input Mode" or else this simply won't cut it.


Once everything is installed for you and your partner(s), head down your cursor to the lower left part and make sure Keyboard and Mouse are set to allow control, like so:



Then let's get to the emulators themselves.



Whatever your gun is, you will need to configure it first. For that, head to Controller Setup and bind your keys. Once you're done, ask your partner to do the same. Normally, your friend's controls should show up as "unknown input" like in this screenshot:


However, it's perfectly usable! All you need to do is to set the proper input into "player 2 lightgun", in our case this is the infamous "unknown input". This should do the trick.



Now in the case of Dolphin, this gets a little more complicated. You do need a WiiMote. The reason for that is that DemulShooter sadly doesn't support Parsec input just yet (and supposedly might never do, although I did ask argonlefou to check if he could do anything about it), so this means no double Aimtraks or Sindens.

I couldn't get my WiiMote into first position in the Dolphin configuration because the direct input from the mouse seems to only configure itself well in the first position. So what you need to do is do head down to the controller settings and configure it like so:


Then click the configure box, bind the buttons and then the mouse into the second tab called "Motion Stimulation". Here's an example of how I did it:



Now then, your partner will assume the direct input from your mouse (meaning his dolphin bar should be in mode 2 if using a wiimote as well) and yours will stay in mode 4. You can play with more local players if you like, but you'll still be limited to only one online player with you.

I know it's far from being a perfect solution but given the fun we had playing Ghost Squad and Sega Golden Gun together, I just thought someone else might be interested. Again, if you manage to get any input from another emulator (such as MAME, please), do feel free to share your findings with me!

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