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  1. [Hidden Content] I like this at the moment
  2. [Arcade PC] Pump It Up Collection (Andamiro)

    That page doesn't exist 😁
  3. right so why wont any of the singe games work then?
  4. i was using the daphne loader thing many years ago so thats all i was doing to play them.
  5. how am I supposed to start each game using the batch files, or the Singe-v2.00-Windows-x86_64 .exe
  6. yeah ok THX i will but im looking for 4k versions actually.
  7. so i was on the Olympic game and it worked for another version somehow, i was able to play it. maybe try other rpcs3 version
  8. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    [Hidden Content] Project64 Netplay ANYBODY TRIED THIS ? we are all familiar with the normal n64 emu , but iv never tried this online thing.
  9. sorry idk that [Hidden Content] seems its not even playable anyway. but not much to say about the ps move thing either, BUT USUALLY U USE PS MOVE AS FAKE EYE TOY or other Olympics game for instance Settings: SPU on LLVM and PPU on fast, Vulkan Renderer, Camera Input = PS Eye, PS Move Handler = Mouse, Camera Settings = Fake
  10. I had the (i still got it in th lounge) was the 1ms 144hz asus 1080p proper gaming monitor, the thing is incredible still it stands out now I have the PG27UQ 4k 144hz but 4ms but its really amazing since its also HDR its been a revelation. But for out and out performance tho not the resolution, my old monitor is still the best, HOWEVER I prefer my big beautiful Rog Swift PG27UQ monitor, now HDR is the key but in 4k is stunning DETAILS ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ 27 WIDE IPS UHD 3840X2160 4K G-SYNC 144HZ 16: 9 1000: 1 4MS
  11. yes i know im capable, but its a patience thing. il see where i get with that. 🙃
  12. thats a lot to look at. I'll give it a go since u answered 😆
  13. god this daphnee forum is daunting to me, jez. why havnt the gd people made daphnee loader in HD already, be much easier
  14. Irem Arcade Hits

    virus warning
  15. Irem Arcade Hits

    this mame games tho? i would have thought
  16. rpcs3 is another way to play some of these games cleaner too, but yes of course still use TypeXtra
  17. [Request] Saint-Fun arcade games

    play online yes, arcade version ?
  18. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    the RPCS3 version is the best in terms of cleanest looking and u also get a proper sunlight value, but its not arcade spx standard. amd isnt great for most emulating.
  19. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    nah this 🤭
  20. [Request] Saint-Fun arcade games

    thts coo , just take the thing anyway , coo
  21. so the last time i used daphne was in 2012 i used Daphne loader which was almost all setup it was only 1680p at best- is there a way to have atleast 1080p through to 4k res . just before i dl this 'hypseus singe' from a torrent - the guy put together some roms, i had most of them anyway, but i was hoping to get a higher res .exe to start the games- i downloaded the singe 2 .exe but it looks like i had the 1080p DL_HD thingy so i could point to maybe atleast Lair and do 1080p that way, but do we have 4k res daphne loader anywahere?
  22. Asphalt 9 DX Arcade

    very coo ,yes i saw that apk's for ages on torrent sites.
  23. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    You mean the arcade version? of course the arcade version is the best, I think ps3 version is cleaner and no sunlight problem.