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  1. [Hidden Content] I like this at the moment
  2. [Arcade PC] Pump It Up Collection (Andamiro)

    That page doesn't exist 😁
  3. right so why wont any of the singe games work then?
  4. i was using the daphne loader thing many years ago so thats all i was doing to play them.
  5. how am I supposed to start each game using the batch files, or the Singe-v2.00-Windows-x86_64 .exe
  6. yeah ok THX i will but im looking for 4k versions actually.
  7. so i was on the Olympic game and it worked for another version somehow, i was able to play it. maybe try other rpcs3 version
  8. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    [Hidden Content] Project64 Netplay ANYBODY TRIED THIS ? we are all familiar with the normal n64 emu , but iv never tried this online thing.
  9. sorry idk that [Hidden Content] seems its not even playable anyway. but not much to say about the ps move thing either, BUT USUALLY U USE PS MOVE AS FAKE EYE TOY or other Olympics game for instance Settings: SPU on LLVM and PPU on fast, Vulkan Renderer, Camera Input = PS Eye, PS Move Handler = Mouse, Camera Settings = Fake
  10. I had the (i still got it in th lounge) was the 1ms 144hz asus 1080p proper gaming monitor, the thing is incredible still it stands out now I have the PG27UQ 4k 144hz but 4ms but its really amazing since its also HDR its been a revelation. But for out and out performance tho not the resolution, my old monitor is still the best, HOWEVER I prefer my big beautiful Rog Swift PG27UQ monitor, now HDR is the key but in 4k is stunning DETAILS ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ 27 WIDE IPS UHD 3840X2160 4K G-SYNC 144HZ 16: 9 1000: 1 4MS
  11. yes i know im capable, but its a patience thing. il see where i get with that. 🙃
  12. thats a lot to look at. I'll give it a go since u answered 😆
  13. god this daphnee forum is daunting to me, jez. why havnt the gd people made daphnee loader in HD already, be much easier