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  1. hi i have windows 11, outrun 2 isnt launching now. have installed runtimes
  2. hmm no i mean yes i created a few videos a few years ago, got new pc and trying to get back some shit thats all. bit by bit as you do. really im on far cry 3 cant get it working in w11(prob serves e right for getting it) but works on my backup pc on w10 quite easily but have to put up with only 1080p res. as far as tekpt i have got a few working. prob use jtools to try and get mario kart 1:18 but everything's a chore since iv been out of th loop for a year.
  3. https://www.planetemu.net/roms/model-2-emulator model 2 emulator but with 'HD' visuals for me https://youtu.be/7mMTorG0WYY
  4. a local arcade place has the dome version and its apt, it makes sense once you are in the thing, i think at home u just need the flat version imo
  5. do we want this game on pc without the dome look? i think maybe without should be the way, or not.
  6. bhahaha my dollars a complete joke. not worth that much
  7. DDrawCompat is a DLL wrapper is a possibility, just got to work out how i can use it as a 'wrapper' https://github.com/narzoul/DDrawCompat
  8. couldn't even see your reply m8. yeah nah obviously it would be the easiest way wouldnt it. all i want really out of this is the good ol FMV of the players i got 2003 links working on w10. but the players look like crap compared to this so really i want the earlier 2001 games, otherwise u get half assed animation
  9. DirectDraw or Direct3D option is unavailable THE DEMO VERSION OF LINKS 2001 IS PLAYABLE, BUT INSTALLINGTHE GAME black screen only or the old game on w10 error how could one get 1 of these games running on w10? , best i can do is play the demo version of 'links 2001' usually after install you get a black screen from errors such as error directplay init links 2003
  10. EASILY EMULATES THE GAME just to let u know 😃 , meanwhile NSwitch sports just still craSHES 😑 jj
  11. could u make it avalible in a proper way instead of dl a stupid terabox app, pretty gimmicky. just use mega dl or anything really
  12. NEVER MIND I GOT IT BY UNPLUGING MY CONTROLER AND RESTARTING , I'm away again,. btw GOW 3 has improved speed again, im in 4k and get a steady 42 fps all of the time down to a very playable still 36fps , i mean basically that means if i take out all the good shit it would play in 60fps , but i like the niceties 😍 https://easyupload.io/w370wy
  13. SUDDENLY TODAY IM GETTING A VERIFICATION FAILED ERROR now ? my windows security is disabled so thats not it
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