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  1. one file is missing in the pack. thanks to point this issue, i wil reupload the addon. To fix this quickly go to "LightGuns Crisis2/collections/Main/menu" and create a text file named "Sega Model 2". you should have "Sega Model 2.txt"
  2. @bruteX yes wii pack will come. Any feedback on ps1 addon ?
  3. hello. ill try to reupload on a different host. i think megaup could be cool. Its full of spam but works well. if you use "ublock origin" you get rid of spam. new links will be uploaded on qiwi. @Ghostxdeath your both guns are calibrated in game ? Posting here a WIP PS1 Addon : Not sure about some games to be launched correctly ( project horned owl , elemental gearbolt ) This pack uses Pcxr and duckstation , depending of the games. https://qiwi.gg/file/mdyv0257-PS1Addon --- For test.
  4. @ninos10 "in your LGC root folder open the log.txt , look at the end of the script and show the error. " ? the "play data files" folder is probably not at the right place. Try moving the folder to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\.
  5. @ninos10 in your LGC root folder open the log.txt , look at the end of the script and show the error. If you downloaded system_246 addon some days ago, its missing a file. look 2 post above.
  6. Links updated. i forgot a file. Put the "System_246_256.conf" in launchers.windows. I will update the addons folder and fix it. System_246_256.conf
  7. @pablitox70 what's your error ? check the log in root folder.
  8. Hello. i ve made errors in system_246 games launchers. Please use this fix. (extract in root of LGC2).Sorry ! I will update system246 links with fixed files later. https://gofile.io/d/MR4mQV https://anonfiles.com/Nae9Y5z5zc/Fix_Launchers_Play_Emulator_rar https://pixeldrain.com/u/dXW6u1Mk
  9. @pablitox70 yes i wil add ps1,2,3 later , sega's arcade hardware too (model 2,3 etc) You can update your mame, no problem. Just check if it s still mame.exe used by default. If not open Mame.conf in "lightgun ciris2\launchers.windows" and adjust it.
  10. no guarantee but it should works. ____________ System 246 added
  11. New LGC version uploading. @BruteX i add what i can add... but i dont have patreon. but good news it will be pretty easy to add new games yourself. i will make a lil tuto later.
  12. @bruteX hi. i m pretty sure you will have to download again the base pack as i made changes on some files and core folder (front-end's exes & dll). or i ll try to make a "patch" to download or something like this. @eliory you mean about teknoparrot games ? tell me if its complete or not i try to add all new games
  13. Cool because it was a real pain to setup...i remember... I will check this soon. Still fighting with my aimtrack's broken wire.. and almost finished RetroArch for Naomi or if someone know a good Naomi etc Emulator with good lightgun support. i m interested !
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