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[SINGE 2] Super Don Quix-Ote (FULL GAME)


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hello everyone
another classic of FMV games Super Don Quix-Ote
The video was all restored using some specific programs, the resolution is 1280x960 in 4:3 like the original game.

The game performs the usual original moves, in addition to these it will present the hidden moves that were present in the original game in random sequence


link download




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Hi poiu,

i've noticed that the Anaconda sequence is completely gone...

It was a 7 sequence move: left, up, up, left, up, left, right (last 2 the fastest sequence of the game). Now only 1 move: button

Another strange thing is that after the Anadonda sequence, all other scenes are skipped if you miss a move to the next scene like they are completed, until the witch final fight.

Something wrong with sdq.scene file?





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Thanks a lot for this. 

I'm a total Arcade/LD emulation newbie, so maybe I'm missing something here - but unfortunately, I experience an issue. Sometimes, when I clear a stage, the game jumps into demo mode on the next scene and continues to play itself until the end. There seems no way to break this and taking control of the game again.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Not to take away from POIU's version here, but if you are having issues, there is a true 4k Daphne version of Super Don Quix-Ote using Hypseus here:


https://mega.nz/file/0kdhCK5Z#sJEAgbg2IIuJy4M6sL16wUVJzQDsJ-Q1_gq3Pj8G00o - Hypseus Windows Template for SDQ


https://dl.orangedox.com/LXURxhvxrAPUfTEZYs   - Drop this M2V in vldp\sdq subfolder - run the .bat file.





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