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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Excuse me someone has my same problems with games such PokkenTournament or BattleGearTuned that show serious problems with Up Down Left and Right buttons.I tried several times to cancel and add the relative games but nothing to do.Help me please!
  2. excuse me may someone post a full complete save file for MARIO 3D WORLD please
  3. Does not work with jconfiguration
  4. excuse me..why in parrot also put in the bin files with all tracks unlocked...them dont appear in game?
  5. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    Is possible to play with VirtuaStriker4?
  6. thanks a lot my fiend foyou your help.now t game runs but does not accept my xbox pad buttons in jconf when i set them on it...why
  7. I will try my friend.thanks a lot
  8. help me to do working it please
  9. ok thanks...i hope you will realizein hd version games as CONAN DAITARN ESH DON QUIXOTE
  10. excuse me but where is its bat file to run it