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[Arcade PC] Photo Finish Racing (ICE)


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Photo Finish Racing by ICE



N,M,K,L,O - Coins for each player

Z,X (?) - Make horse go faster for each player (i'm unsure what the rest are)

F1 debug info

F2 game info

F3 show framerate

F4 show cursor


Additional info (thanks catnoodle):

The game requires a serial port to run

If your computer doesn't have one, use a serial port emulator

e.g Virtual Serial Port Driver from Eltima Software https://www.eltima.com/products/vspdxp/



(download with megadownloader)






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Sadly not working for me either. Here is a video of me trying.



Update : 


 After the recommendation of a couple people, some in discord and mametastic. i installed a program called Virtual serial port driver 9.0 by eltima software, booted right up after i configured it.



Here is the website for the program https://www.eltima.com/products/vspdxp/


and here is how to configure it : https://streamable.com/m8llmk


All credit to the dumper, and involved in getting the game working! thanks!





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Managed to extract it from an ISO before finding out there was already a thread about it here and apparently there are 2 versions of the game, 3pack and 5pack.

I don't know what the differences are between these 2 versions.

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You don't need the serial port emulator, the game uses a config file in which you can disable the COM check.

It's either in D:\CE Games\Photo Finish\PhotoFinish.ini or C:\CE Games\Photo Finish\PhotoFinish.ini


Set RelayErrExit= 0


Just run the game once to make it create the path and store the file



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