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[Arcade PC] Tekken 7 + Fated Retribution + R2 (Namco System ES3)


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Many thanks for sharing!!


For people needing some help downloading.


1) Download Megadownloader from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B37woeVEhEoHWkUwWGNmR291Wm8/view

2) Extract the folder and run the application, accept terms and leave user login details to default unchanged and click SAVE

3) Click Add Link and copy & paste the above link and click the Play/Start button and the download will begin


You can minimise the software and it will still download in the background, I get about 20mb/s so it took around 10 mins to download.


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Guest linglang
2 hours ago, 7zxkv said:

For now, the dump is not functional.


At least it tries to boot.







Tekken 7 Fated Retribution 


Could / would you take the effort to mirror the original file before it is gone ?

Thanks for all your help / mirrors / and posts on emuline. :very-good:


32 minutes ago, Mindtwista said:

you need a mega premium account. i had the same problem


Worked fine for me with megadownloader 1.7, no premium account needed. ^_^

So i do not get why one would need a premium account

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2 minutes ago, spiderzsoft said:

but that is different version... so 1cc test 1st then we hope jconfig emulate it

Oh right..thanks for correcting me👍...sure it wont be long...the 1cc/jconfig guys are on a mission at the moment.

At least there's no vmprotect on the exe also😂😂

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How is torrent created ? I dont know.

I can seed the file with 30MB/s.

I will allocate 20MB/s myself.



I wish i was born Japan. :)
Thank you.



How to create torrent file ?





Also information for linglang :D



I waiting for decrypeting...


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6 minutes ago, enes said:

Tekken 7 JCONFİG?

Commodore sitesinde benim upload'ım dersen orada rezil ederim seni. Bilgine. Çakal seni. 👌


İngilizce de büyük İ yoktur bu arada. Caps Lock tuşunu tamir ettir. 😃


Admin Jconfig ile ilgili mesaj yazmayın diyor. Okuma yazma öğren.

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Nokey asla sana karşı gelmem.Sen benim ustamsın.Saygısızlık yaptıysam özür dilerim!Upload uzmanı sensin!Ben upload ettim demem nokey.İyi geceler!Uyarı için teşekkürler!

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HI guys

I am getting an issue, the game wont load ( yes I know its not playable yet )


The game will not start, it starts to load and gets to around 40% and the I am greeted with the following messages on a black screen

21-4 First Check Error

22-2 Network Error 2

3-1 I/O Error 1

7-1 Card R/W Disconnect

19-1 System Error


Did anyone manage to get around this?




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Hey everyone, for those that are having issues getting this game to load with JConfig - see my basic tutorial here: 


Note: I cannot get it to run out of Windowed mode (full screen) or have the window stretched across the full screen of my 4K resolution so any tips will be great!


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Use 1080P

Open Vertical synchronization (bUseVSync=True)

Graphics Quality [ScalabilityGroups]




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