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  1. [Hidden Content] (Arcade Dumps)/Sound voltex/
  2. it's on nyaa. [Hidden Content] edit by 7z: and here: [Hidden Content] Live! School Idol Festival.html
  3. [Arcade PC] GITADORA (Konami)

    won't find on emuline
  4. [Arcade PC] EZ2DJ 7th Crack (AmuseWorld)

    most of the older ez2dj data if needed - [Hidden Content] (Arcade Dumps)/Ez2dj/
  5. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    2nd this. main interest in apm3 dumps was hopefully to get Otoshu dx running @@
  6. [Arcade PC] EZ2DJ 7th Crack (AmuseWorld)

    I've been lucky with pan before using this method - [Hidden Content] Im having zero luck this time around. A mirror for the 7gb game would be appreciated.
  7. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ?
  8. PinMame

    Lucky bastard.. damn! congrats!
  9. [Arcade PC] DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 ARCADE (Pentavision)

    DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 - TECHNIKA 3 Pack Thanks to Kento! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Patch Upd: [Hidden Content]
  10. MISTer ou pas MISTer... mystère

    I own the MiSTer and am waiting for the MiSTercade on back order. Now the setup is really not that difficult and I could refer you to simple setup guides.. as far as my own experience with MiSTer? It's kind of like explaining Virtual Reality to someone.. You really have to experience yourself to understand how fantastic and special it is. It's not really emulation. The MiSTer simulates the actual hardware.. Making the experience nearly identical to playing the game as if you inserted the game floppy/disc into the physical hardware of an Apple II, Amiga, NeoGeo or a sharp x68000. It's an extremely unique experience.. If you've ever used one of those Krittz Everdrive Sd backup cards.. It's similar to that.. Copying all game rom data to the microsd and playing the entire collection on the physical Nintendo hardware is an entirely different experience than playing a rom on an emulator, not even close. The MiSTer is as close as one can get to experiencing the original retro hardware performance without buying the physical retro hardware. Worth every cent.. Can't recommend enough! An absolute must buy!
  11. MISTer ou pas MISTer... mystère

    Love MiSTer project... cant wait to recieve my MiSterCade - [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Value of MiSTer pre-built your asking? $370.. but I would never purchased build.. save over $100 build yourself. [Hidden Content]
  12. Sega Saturn Translated Games in .CHD format

    Just a more compressed image to load in emu. CHD means compressed hunks of data GDI images are intended to be an accurate representation of what is on the game disc. A CDI is a mutilated version that tries to fit approx 1GB of data on a medium that can only store 700MB. CHD will give you significant space savings without sacrificing anything else. No quality difference and they are smaller files
  13. JP exclusive DC games translate?

    [Hidden Content] - Dreamcast [T-En] Collection (v2021-02-28)/ I'm sure there are others.You can convert any dc image to DCI.