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  1. If it lags or bottleneck you might want to check storage. Is the game stored in SSD or HDD. If HDD make sure there are some available space same goes to SSD as well. Check whether or not if CPU , GPU driver is installed. Check if there are other programs that uses up resources. Set Systemconfig.txt and Groovemaster.ini to unintended hardware setting. If all fails then I have got no clue. You can try formatting your pc but that would require some work.
  2. Seems like it. The link to the game's down unfortunately and the only way to obtain this is to ask certain someone on QQ for it. However they will ask for a fee. https://pixeldrain.com/l/XXtPtuXe This is the only possible link that leads to SDEZ 1.35(Festival Plus) I have seen so far. (But someone also said that the content in there is 1.30 still) https://pixeldrain.com/l/bXrjCP2b This link seems to be lists of Festival+ songs.
  3. I don't think that's possible yet. Finale has this feature but so far I haven't found a possible way for the DX one.
  4. You are using the segatools for Maimai festival on the DX CCP version. It can cause bugs and glitches and cause the game to not run properly. One solution is to get the segatools specifically for the DX version. I don't know where you can obtain them but try putting Segatools for splash version on it.
  5. This post was originally uploaded by Spiderzsoft , however the post went missing after Emuline went down. I pulled all of this information out of Wayback Machine (Fortuantely someone archived the first page of the forum). I'm not sure if all the links work but it should link to all the files that are available at the moment. This post was made because I used to obtain Maimai files from here and after it went missing. I struggled to find the information and I assume that most people do too. So I sort of want a way for this piece of information to be back to the site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maimai Finale (Sega RingEdge) [Decrypted Dump] Download (mirror) (mirror2) (touch sensor) Maimai FiNALE [Decrypted Dump] (Sega RingEdge) maimai FiNALE is the final update for the classic maimai machines. This update features new songs and a brand new mode: PANDORA BOXXX. maimai features a round 42 Inch touch screen surrounded by eight LED light buttons. It is equipped with a camera, which can record the player moves and the screen display at the same time. Similar to dance machines, player press the eight LED buttons and scroll across the touch screen in rhythm to the colored shapes that fly around the screen. There are numerous skill levels available so maimai can be enjoyed by everyone. In PANDORA BOXXX, players are presented with songs that have been unlocked from completing certain conditions during normal gameplay. These songs must be cleared whilst you have a certain amount of HP. Completion of these songs then allows them to be played in normal mode. Patches To play on unintended hardware, please navigate to \maimai\ folder. Use Notepad++ to create and edit those files as below. SystemConfig.txt Hidden text: Hide GAME_VER_A 1 GAME_VER_B 99 GAME_VER_C 0 GAME_SHOW_VER 1.99B FULLSCREEN 0 WINDOW_W 960 WINDOW_H 960 SOUND_CH_SRC 2 SOUND_CH_DST 2 MASSPRO 1 GrooveMaster.ini Hidden text: Hide 1P_ONLY 1 DEV 1 EVENT_INFO_CHECK 1 NO_DELIVER 1 NO_JVS 1 NO_LINKCHECK 1 NO_REBOOT 1 NO_RESTRICT 1 NO_RING 1 NO_SERIAL 1 NO_WAIT 0 QUICK_BOOT 1 ROTATE 1 SET_ALL_OPEN 1 SET_EVENT_MODE 1 SET_FREEPLAY 1 SET_OFFLINE_MODE 1 SET_OPEN_EVENT 1 SET_OPEN_SECRET 1 SET_REGION EX SET_TRACKS_1P 4 SET_TRACKS_EVENT 4 SET_TRACKS_MULTI 4 Inside that folder is an exe named maimai_dump_.exe, please use that file to play. Use keyboard Q W E R A S D F Z X C V to play. For touchscreen, need some hard work. Useful Hex Edits Please do the edits below on maimai_dump_.exe only. Disable annoying Movie DB Error warning sign 0x2AA470 : 51 -> C3 ----------------------------------------------------------- Update Data maimai_update.7z https://mega.nz/#!xUghVSzI!tTgneKiYA1MLQeXpyjj99bKCvh0OFCj2eNr2NG1VT78 Extract, merge and overwrite with current \maimai\ folder. ----------------------------------------------------------- for Mod / Maimai DX / DX Splash /DX Splash Plus : check mirror. others versions: here or here Assembly-CSharp for SDEZ 1.20.7z info wikipedia _____ END _____ Source 2ccc Thanks to petje for guidance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's also another guide in Mandarin. That I think you might find useful. Here || if you want the translated one it's Here
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