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  1. Glad to know. Although somewhere in this thread a few pages back I remember the following: 1. Someone shared a suite of tools 2. Someone also made a how-to guide (YouTube video) particularly about jackets and thumbnails
  2. It could, but right now it won't.
  3. Oh, the Golden League. That table is designed for the "database administrator" (you in your case) to fill up with "Golden League Periods" (schedules). So it's up to you what schedule slots you want to put in there. The important thing to note is that the Golden League Periods should always be "present" or "future" in time. It can be the "past" but that would imply that the "schedule slot" is over. Hence, it is because of this reason that I found it impractical to write a "static" SQL query since eventually that query will "get old" and become the "past" in time. Imagine if I wrote an SQL Query with Golden League Periods dated in 2020 and someone downloads and runs the script in 2021. Instructions are in the "Wiki" in my GitHub fork of butterfly.
  4. My answer remains the same, and you also mentioned it: In other words, you were trying to use the patches on 2020-03-17 when the said feature of Spice Config only supports up to 2020-02-03 as of this writing. Yes, please read the entire FAQ at the very first post of this thread that I wrote. The "Patches" tab is merely a "convenient" way of performing "mods" via hex editing of some .dll files. The classic (manual and inconvenient) way is always and still is available (manual hex editing). The .bat file depends on the presence of the SQL executable (sql.exe) which I provided in the "Releases" section of my fork of butterfly. Without it, the .bat file has nothing to use in order to process/execute the SQL scripts that's why "nothing happened" when you tried it (i.e. the table where the information should have been written remained blank). Yes. Read the "Wiki" section of my GitHub fork of butterfly for details.
  5. Identified in the sense that the copy of the game that didn't work is the one in the machine where you did something differently as you have mentioned. See, you tried the game on three (3) machines and you had 2 of 3 successful installs of the game, and the only one that failed is the machine where you did something differently. Logically, if you mentioned that you did the exact same process on the 2 machines where the game worked, and none of those 2 machines had a unique action taken - and you mentioned that the failed install is the machine where you performed a unique action, then it is just logical to deduce that the problem is not with the game but with the machine/Operating System. it's a simple "if/then/else" logic. You may find out the "why" on your own because that is already out-of-scope from this thread since you performed an action that is outside of the normal/standard Windows installation, i.e. you performed a debloat of your Operating System. From the perspective of this thread/tutorial, the root cause has been identified. If you want to know from a technical sense, EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION error of SpiceTools happens when the game tries to access a memory address that is beyond the range given which is, in layman's terms, as I have mentioned, due to an incorrect/missing/corrupted file used. Unfortunately, SpiceTools's logs aren't detailed; they only give clues but don't pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. The only Windows-related "dependencies" of Spicetools and the game are actually Microsoft C++ Redistributable and DirectX. So if your debloater script removes any of these, then that could be the reason. Then again, SpiceTools is capable of "calling out" missing DirectX or Microsoft C++ redistributable in the logs, but you said you were sure of following the process, so it could just be one or the other. Nonetheless, the point stands that while you/we didn't get down to the very root cause of it, there is already an identifiable reason as to why it failed on one of your three machines. As far as the scope of this thread/tutorial is concerned, I can only go as far as telling you to use a typical/normal Windows installation. Anything you do outside of that will be out-of-scope of this thread already, especially because we don't know what Windows components your Debloat Script is removing (e.g. probably stuff that are needed by the game or SpiceTools to run properly).
  6. unneeded bloat from the OS to quicken boot time Likely. You said you tried on 3 different machines and it worked on two. And on the machine where the game didn't work, you said you did something. The issue is already identified.
  7. The actual addresses of the "stackwalker" entries may vary but one common theme is this: [2021/07/09 21:20:22] I:stackwalker: 77CD7A7E (ntdll): (unknown): RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath [2021/07/09 21:20:22] I:stackwalker: 77CD7A4E (ntdll): (unknown): RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath This points to a wrong/incorrect/corrupt file being used. Regardless of whether the "INVALID HANDLE" entries are appearing or not. There are two (2) threads about DDR A20 in this forum and you may check all posts related to your error if you want, but that error message definitely points to an incorrect file (for however that happened in your case - whether you used the wrong file, the file is corrupted, etc.). Also there are two (2) download sources for the game: one is a MEGA link and the other is a torrent. The MEGA link apparently contains some corrupted files, and has been reported/observed/mentioned in the thread by other users.
  8. Your previous error (which you solved) is the same as your new error. Tip: the "point of failure" usually will be seen towards the end of the log file (since the log will stop recording when the game exits due to an error or whatnot). From the bottom of the log file, scrolling/reading upwards, look for the first few instances of a log entry that has "W:" on it ("W:" = warning).
  9. This is the reason why it doesn't work for you. You're probably using an incorrect version of the file. Each version or iteration of that same file has a different "address" to be modified. Check the FAQ at the first page of the thread and read through it.
  10. No. You have to consider the following: This is a "rip" of the actual arcade machine game. However the game is supposed to behave when running in an actual arcade cabinet is the behavior that you should also expect when you play it on a PC. There are settings in the Service Menu that the game can "remember" and there are other settings that it cannot. The reason why "Event Mode" cannot be "remembered" is because in an actual arcade machine, an operator has to manually "toggle" a button/"flip" a switch to enable the Event Mode. In an actual arcade machine, Event Mode is designed as an "operator-configurable setting" for use in tournaments (hence the name, Event Mode). You can even set it to use "EX score" as the methodology of scoring (once the cursor is on "Event Mode" press Left or Right panel on the Player 2 side). For the same reason (that it is used for tournaments), Event Mode is played without requiring money (credits...in fact you have to set "Free Play" to "On" in the "Coin Options" of the Service Menu in order to make Event Mode selectable), that is why it is manually activated only and not in-game.
  11. You can find it in the game's Service Menu. Play around with the menu; it's easy to figure out.
  12. Some are "base data" (large file sizes usually 10GB++) while others are "incremental" updates (smaller). The "current' data dump which is 2020-03-17 is an incremental update (I think 91 or 92 MB). Incremental updates are copy-pasted on top of the "base data" in this case, 2020-02-03. The video walkthrough is based on the "base data" as well (2020-02-03).