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  1. @B4SH-T Check DMS please..
  2. [Hidden Content] Special thanks to @B4SH-T for helping me out with this! :D
  3. Anyone know how to set the gameplay theme back into A20 when using [Hidden Content] ?
  4. Just need the proper SSQ port and It's all set..
  5. Anyone know where the code or file that displays the songs in Screen Demonstration are located??
  6. I figured it out, thanks everyone!! :)
  7. Hmm not sure, did everything correctly but no results?
  8. Gameplay Hey, so I created a XWB and XSB of Summer but not getting any audio playing, any idea of the problem or a solution? Thanks!!
  9. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Any way on adding custom songs/ Stepmania songs? I know its been done before