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  1. Could you indicate what the problem is? with more info could help you
  2. Hi again, another update =)
  3. Thanks, im working on HD images
  4. have you a photo of warning screen? (i made the theme only watching youtube videos of A20+ the last ddr original arcade on my town "DDR supernova2")
  5. @topet2k12001 maybe can you help me (hablo español, mal ingles) i need 3 things for finish my ddr omnimix 1.- make the a20 plus folder 2.- change the score numbers colors 3.- change the demo songs (i try but blue version crash it) optional: put it on blue the "courses dan" any idea?
  6. Hi, a new update to my proyect... hand made with love <3
  7. no CVS files on dump
  8. any can enter to game menu? i want unlock all songs
  9. F:avs-core: failed to read config file (prop/ea3-config.xml): 0x80092202 no file "ea3-config.xml" on "content/prop" folder