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[TUTO] Initial D Arcade Stage Zero v. 2.30 for TeknoParrot


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the only restriction i know is not use in teknoparrot because is alredy use by minime server.

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Il y a 5 heures, jumpy a dit :

Which jnode version do you use?

i use node js 18.8, working with teknoparrot or segatools/minime

if you lunch manually start.bat in ../segatools/minime, have you a window like this :



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Am 21.9.2022 um 12:08 AM schrieb Dr_Fatbody:

Got this downloaded. Is there anyway to play online? Can't seem to find a tutorial for multi-player online?

Also thank you so much for making an easy to follow tutorial!

Right now, I am a little busy to work on it. The thing is that TeknoParrot changes the segatools.ini (contains the values to connect with you friend to race against each other) when you start the game. The solution that I found is to create a bat file that constantly changes this file, so your changes keep untouched. It worked for me, but for some reasons it didn't work for my friend. I tried it with someone else who isn't using TeknoParrot and it worked for me (we used the tool zerotier to connect with each other).

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