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  1. Which files/folders are you talking about? I'd like to take a look at this as well
  2. jconfig has it built in? You might have to use windowed to do it, but you can go borderless fullscreen.
  3. D1GP work's fine for me. I do notice it's not trying to connect to my LAN - as in, not even asking for permission from the firewall. Any chance LAN mode will be working at a later stage? Thx
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Yeah, i'd love one of the Gundam games like that
  5. There is an option in the service menu, IIRC. Saving the service menu changes you make is discussed on this page or the page back
  6. Surely you mean add the serverbox exe file... the InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe file you mentionis the main exe. If you don't have that the game won't load? How is the game going to load? I just got things to network across my two cabs for IDZ_v2.11, and i have the serverbox running on A1 (ang dipsw1=0 set in segatools.ini on the PC running A2) but the main game exe running on both. Further testing may be required to see how stable the link is. At the moment A1 runs on a faster PC, so it's always going to boot first. I guess that might help in this case.

    excuse me, did you just abuse the person trying to help you? Seriously? If you actually want help from this point i'd try both responding to the requests put to you and profusely apologising. If you're lucky, and if petje is too nice for his own good, he'll offer you a second chance.
  8. Hmm, well, the machine i have that does have an internet connection is the one that says it's offline. I did try disabling the internet but leaving in on LAN, but that didn't change anything. Maybe i need to play around with that more. Maybe i can try taking the "online" cab off the network completely and see what the game says when it loads up. My test menu doesn't look like the one in that manual you posted, btw. I'll try to grab a screencap of it, options seem to be named wrong. In the test menu, the coin button drops you back to normal game. If you want to save you have to go down the last entry in the list "VideoID" or whatever it is, and hit start. The entry above that for "Video Split" is how you reset to default settings (on confirm). And where the Video split and video ID and split options should be, it call them Start and Preparing. They still show the 1/8. 2/8. 4/8 like the manual you posted though, so they're still the same options, just named wrong. In that manual, P52 and 53, in the top right corner it's showing machine 211. Given my "online" cab calls itself car 100 and the final octect of it's IP is .100, i reckon it's got to be something to do with that. 211 just seems totally random, given there can only be 8 cars in the setup - so maybe it's like they can all be on the one LAN at an arcade and that's the random IP the cab was given? Maybe you need a separate number up there, and also to set the video id/split correctly? Let me know if you figure out a way to alter machine number and/or turn the network on and off in the test menu! The networking section of the manual doesn't look anything i can find in the game itself. Sigh, i have to go on hols for ten days on Monday, but i'll try to check in while I'm away to see if you manage to figure anything out
  9. To begin with, before you change anything, do your machines say online or offline in the top right corner of the test menu? (at least, it's the top right on my small screen)

    It looks like the file patcher site will TELL you what still needs patching. Any box that's ticked when you dump the right file onto the site has already been patched. (you can test this by unticking something, and dropping the file back onto the site.) If the box is not ticked, ticking it will apply that patch. So to test your file, patch it, then drop it back on the site to see if the box is now ticked automatically. The archive in the OP seems have the main game exe already fully patched. It's only amdaemon and serverbox that need patching, can anyone confirm? I should actually ask as well... does version 2.11 work for LAN play in TP?
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hmmm, given how active the Demul discord is, i wonder if there's newer builds somewhere. I'd like to ask politely...
  12. There are some settings in the test menu, but i'm not sure how to get them to save... Or exactly what they do.
  13. That's all good. I appreciated the reply, it's good to have help thinking things through. I can't see anything in the mydocs folder, nor in the appdata one - though i haven't looked too hard into the latter.