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ARTAX TTX3 MEGA MULTI V4.1 - Taito Type X3 Multi - [JVS] [FASTIO] [1080p] TTX3 JULY 2022


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artax 4.1 multi release

seed for 3 week then the seed will expire if you can help with make the mirror for seed.

if you can get the seedbox for 1-3 month it will help a lot we cannot pay for this long. 

the master seed will be 3 week only please help to make the mirror.

we do not ask donation or money. only request for help seed please.


NOTES: online update the teknoparrot it can break some game if the update teknoparrot is the latest version

note below


torrent link  unpack use 7zip artx4.1.7z

torrent mirror: https://mega.nz/file/LhBhDZjD#zWeQkF6jnjWz3-crBjHpLoEs4oODbmHxwFFDLrM-IVQ




edit - mirror link fix































This is a multigame arcade image. It is designed to run on a Taito Type X3 hardware unit with either FASTIO or JVS IO board. It's built to work out of the box with the standard TTX3 unit that has the I5 cpu and 660gtx GPU.

If you're still on our stock v4, then you really should upgrade to this v4.1 image. Everything will run much faster and the nag screen is gone, and hlsl switched to arcabview which is a lot nicer for scanline/crt effect.


- A computer or TTX3 unit with a JVS/FASTIO IO board.
- XBOX 1 Gamepad for controlling analogue games, keyboard and mouse for games that require it.
- Arcade cabinet?
- 1TB SSD Drive - WD Blue is tested
- 1080p@60fps Screen



1. Download all the files.

2. Open the file ending in .001 with 7zip and extract the archive to a HDD with at least 1TB of free space (not the drive you will put in your ttx3, you will need another drive to extract this to). This step will could take a long time. Many hours. The image file is 1tb. If your computer and IO is slow it could take a day.

3. Once you have the image file extracted, you want to verify the hash of the image file. This step is important. Open the program hashmyfiles.exe that is included in the directory. Click FILE then click ADD FILES and choose the image file that you just extracted. This step could take a long time, but it's important. It could take many hours depending on your computer speed. This step if going to verify that your image file has not been tampered with in any way. It's important not to skip this step. When hashmyfiles is complete, it will show you some numbers, you want to make sure your image file matches the below hash in the text. There is an image also contained inside the download for validation purposes.

SHA1 = 7256456323c57aa0cdb35bc08f2a8d7b3e87b648

SHA256 = eafd17a7b79c1f4c7c60d620fa0ead776a93af8e46964adceed52fe1a1609868

If the hash matches the above, then you are safe to go online with Fightcade, and the image has not been tampered with.

If the image hash doesn't match, then your image has been compromised. DO NOT GO ONLINE WITH FIGHTCADE. Or, if you must go online, then sign up a new account, do not reuse the password for anything else and just assume someone will probably get that account password at some stage. The same goes for if you purchase a system with this image already installed, or you are stupid enough to buy it from anyone on a hdd or ssd. If you don't have the original image to verify the hash before you write it, assume your Fightcade credential will be stolen if you use it on the image. Just don't go online at all with this image unless you verify and confirm the hash is correct. Because if it isn't then it means someone could have put any kind of software on the system, and you just don't know what it is. If hash = same then go online OK. If hash = different then go online NOT OK.

4. Next use Balena Etcher or DD to write the image to your SSD. Sometimes Balena Etcher doesn't work with some drives, you can use HDD RAW COPY TOOL as an alternative but it is very very slow. up to 10x slower and will take a day or more to write the image probably. This step will take a long time.

5. Once you have written the image to your SSD,  connect it to the TTX3 system, go into your bios on your TTX3 (ctrl+alt+f9) password= opentdeg and disable HDD Security.

6. Reboot the machine with your IO connected. It should now boot. If the screen is not aligned properly, just reboot 1 more time with your monitor connected and it should fix it. Sometimes on first new hardware reboot it doesn't display properly.

7. Connect a keyboard and navigate to the utils menu and select your IO to enable FASTIO or JVS and let the system reboot. Your IO should work on reboot if you used one of the tested IO boards. If not, then it might work or it might not. If the video is not aligned correctly and not displaying properly on first boot, just reboot the system, it should fix it.

8. If you have no sound, goto utils menu, select sound devices and make sure you have SET AS DEFAULT the correct device you want to use and make sure the volume on the device is not at 0. It's in the tabs on the sound device.

9. It should all work now.

10. You only need to upgrade the GPU for this image for a few games. So long as both your GPU fans are working on your 660gtx video card, most of the games will play 60fps.


If your hardware doesn't match the above specs, all you can do is try it, if it works then great. If it doesn't you can either make it work yourself, or too bad. It's designed to run on an arcade machine with arcade IO boards. It will run on other pc's etc with different configurations, but that is up to you to do that. Out of the box it's a TTX3 arcade image.

Everything is working so long as you use either FASTIO or the sega JVS/JAMMA board that we tested in the readme, and a TTX3 system with stock 660 video card or upgraded Nvidia card. Check the utils panel, there's a readme, release notes, control notes and FAQ on the UTILS tiles. These might contain the answers to any questions you have. The bios upgrade utility is included as well.



Changelog 4.1
- arcabview 2.1 now installed for scanlines in mame, visually it's much better than HLSL that was in use on v4.
- nag screen removed from scripts. No more nag screen on game startup
- Intro video changed
- all scripts optimised, now very fast loading, race conditions completely removed for more stable script operation.
- most ttx3 games updated with newest nxl2 dll so difficulty can be changed now.
- lindbergh games now enabled by default
- lindbergh games should no longer run too fast so long as you're using a 60hz screen.
- wangan 6 1080p patched
- disabled most of windows telemetry and just about everything else auto that windows does online, including system updates and drivers, you'll need to manually do these now. If you're using TTX3 you shouldn't need to install any drivers. If you want Windows updates, you'll need to manually trigger them.
- sf4 games are rendering at 4k in 1080p window (work perfectly fine on 660gtx default video card).
- kof mia is finally fixed. its also rendering @ 1080p in proper 4:3 scale, with a working intro video. This game is a pain to make work on this system. The way it's running now is the best we could do but at least it finally consistently works and it looks and displays good. You're stuck with the DXWnd window in the bottom left. You can click on it and drag it to the bottom right out of the screen so you just see the corner of it, but you can't click anywhere in the game window when you do this. If you click in the game window it will most likely kill the game. Don't let the full attract mode play through, it breaks the scaling at the end of the attract mode. It takes about 2-3 minutes to play through, just start You can now see Makoto Mizoguchi with rope in his ass like you've never done before, lucky you!
- MUSIC SECTION ADDED some toons for you to watch when you're high.
- kof15 PC added, you have 4 attack buttons mapped, ESC, ENTER and SPACE are all mapped to the remaining player buttons and start button. You can navigate the entire game with these buttons. No button combos needed. KOF15 runs pefectly fine @ 1080p with the stsock 660gtx video card, NO NEED FOR UPGRADED VIDEO CARD FOR THIS GAME!
- Fightcade added. It's never been online or logged in so you will need to sign up an account online and then login. The auto rom downlaod scripts are in the folder. This means it will download the games you want to play automatically for you. No need to load the full pack, it will just download the game before you play it. Don't forget to map your arcade controls first time you use it.
- Stereo sound test in the music section so you can test your left right sound channels on your cab. We think Sf3 3rd strike sets to mono sound by default. It's set to stereo on this image.
- system bios flashing tools added to the utils menu ***USE AT YOUR OWN RISK***. All 3 bios revisions are there.
- RING operation ghost video config is now fixed. It displays correctly through the entire game and is correctly upscaled. It was semi broken/hacky before.
- TTX Block King Shooter video mode now fixed and displays correctly. It was slightly odd resolution and required it's own custom resolution entry. It works under 1440x1080p now with all the other 4:3 games.
- Some changes made to Windows that should limit any data corruptions on C: with improper shutdowns. It's not the write filter enabled but it will be even less chance of issues now. Still try and shut down properly from utils menu or button combo if you can, but it shouldn't corrupt even if you hard power it off. You can probably just enable the write filter but we aren't sure no games are using it for anything.
- Save partition shrunk to 1GB. IF there is ever another release from us, this partition will be used a lot more. read: fastio native support will be reverted for all ttx2/3 games that support it if we can. JVS support will be completely removed from the multi if there is ever another release after 4.1, it will be FASTIO only.
- Added a Sound Devices shortcut to the UTILS menu. This makes it easy to get to sound devices to swap between sound devices such as hdmi/sound card.

- Persona games are now fixed and run properly. They seem to have issues with the loader and only run sometimes. Loader for removing online messages is now bypassed to make the games run properly each time.
- Probably more small stuff we forgot.


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  • emulate58 changed the title to ARTAX TTX3 MEGA MULTI V4.1 - Taito Type X3 Multi - [JVS] [FASTIO] [1080p] TTX3 JULY 2022

hopefully someone will be able to convert these to boot on windows just like it was on real hardware i have this and and older original ttx2 version (without roms)and mounted it to a hdd but can't extract the ui menu files to create a alternnate version for windows so i'm trying to replicate a knockoff from scratch still working on it

ttx2 mockup.jpg

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So is there a way to actually extract the filed from within ? Ive got a regular Windows setup and would like to be able to get access to the additional games, menu art etc .. Ive downloaded and will continue to seed for now, I have the extracted IMG file, but not sure on how to mount and access the files/folders within ?


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10 hours ago, anx10us said:

So is there a way to actually extract the filed from within ? Ive got a regular Windows setup and would like to be able to get access to the additional games, menu art etc .. Ive downloaded and will continue to seed for now, I have the extracted IMG file, but not sure on how to mount and access the files/folders within ?


just burn the image to a separate drive and then you'll have access to the files. there are probably other ways to do it, but this would be the cleanest way to do it  

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10 hours ago, anx10us said:

So is there a way to actually extract the filed from within ? Ive got a regular Windows setup and would like to be able to get access to the additional games, menu art etc .. Ive downloaded and will continue to seed for now, I have the extracted IMG file, but not sure on how to mount and access the files/folders within ?


the osfmount can


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