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  1. Doesnt work with Fats I/o ! when i push a button, nothing happened. I have some issues with Virtual Tennis 4 : If the language is in Japonese, the direction of the Player 2 doesnt work. After i change back the language to USA, the Joystick P2 works again :s
  2. On Pokken, some button doesnt work (No jump for exemple). How can i remap the control for this game?
  3. For Guilty Gear, the problem stills after the changing résolution. So, the good answer is just to connect a keyboard in the TTX3 during the attract mode and after that, the game works.
  4. so, i'm just finish all step but i found a mistake on the mR_CaESaR post : "Last thing I did was enable the write filter - this is so if you just power off the multi you can't corrupt the OS drive (this is how arcade hustles one was). Opened up command prompt (should open to C¥Users¥typexiot) If you type the directory directly it won't recognise it c:\windows\system32, so you need to get back to C¥ cd .. (this will take you to C¥Users cd .. (this will take you to C¥) Type cd Windows cd System32 You will now be in C¥Windows¥System32 uwfmg.exe filter enable " The error is on "uwfmg.exe filter enable", miss the "r" so the good text is "uwfmgr.exe filter enable"
  5. Man, its ffinaly working !!!!!! Why my explorer and cmd doesnt work???? loooool Thank you a lot, without you i never could suceed it without the good files lol
  6. lol man thank you, im very very sorry for your time and energy ^^
  7. So, it still doesnt work : black screen with only yhe mouse. The only time i coul open something witch CTRL ALT DEL is when i dont use the explorer.exe from C:\windows but from c:\windows\sysWOW64 I think my explorer.exe doesnt work with the TTX3.
  8. And the proof than i have unload the hive :
  9. Ok so its exctaly what i show you in my previous post : i did it 3 times. But the last time with Explorer, before i tried with CMD, the CTRL ALT DEL open Task manager, but i cant do more that. A japonese error text appear if i try to open located file i show you my regedit to see that i'm in TTX3 software and i have change the shell :
  10. I'm sorry but this exctaly what i did. I show you step by step : I'm booting on my desktop PC On "Taper ici pour rechercher" i write "REGEDIT" I'm seing this : After, i highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and in french "Fichier (File) > Charger la ruche (Load Hive)" I click on "software" and name "TTX3-SOFTWARE" This is my new RegEdit : So, i have "Software" and "TTX3-SOFTWARE". If i go to "Software" like you write behind, and change WinLOGON, my desktop pc boot on CMD so Why i dont go to TTX3-SOFTWARE? Im sorry for your time but appriciate a lot your hel ^^ i'm here since 6 hours ^^
  11. So, i charge the TTX3 Software on H:\SETTINGS. I edit on the regedit , in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon And i unload. The result is : my ttx3 boot on attract mode BUT my pc boot on cmd lol That's why i dont understant i have to change de reg on Computer/hkey_local_machine/software... and not on Computer/hkey_local_machine/TTX3-Software/software... Is i a mistake from you?
  12. Man, i'm going crazy lol Explorer.exe is on the right files : CMD.exe too: Regedit too: And on a PC or on a TTX3, the Attract mode work but explorer.exe still not workd : if i quit the attract mode with Escape, i have a black screen with the mouse and i cant do anything. I really dont know where im failing. Sorry for your time Murray, i'm really trying my best
  13. Hello, First, thanks you murray for your help : it works easyli. So, i've followed this steps : "Once I had explorer.exe installed, I loaded the software hive on another windows 10 pc and changed it to boot into attract mode to windows itself Open regedit Highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE File>Load Hive... (Load the SOFTWARE hive from the multi drive located in Windows\System32\config) You will be asked to put a Key Name - I just do TTX3-SOFTWARE Drill down to Computer\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon Under Shell, changed the value from C:\tdegboot.exe to C:\Windows\explorer.exe Highlight TTX3-SOFTWARE File Unload Hive Select Yes when asked the question about unloading the current key and all of its subkeys After booting to windows, I tried changing the resolution using the nvidia control panel. I first tried the res that Murray was using 1366x768, but as you can see from the image below, it still wasn't playing nicely with those games that are weird (pokken tournament and Phantom Breaker Another Code)" But, when i'm booting on the TTX3 or on a PC, i just have a black screen with the mouse. I tried CTRL + ALT + DEL or Windows + R and nothing happend. I have check 3 times the previous steps. Any idea? One thing : He said "Drill down to Computer/Microsoft:WindowsNT...", i dont find "Computer", i found "Microsoft/WindowsNT" beside TTX3-SOFTWARE:
  14. Hello, How can i do this : First things first, I needed to copy the following files as they are not there (assuming this was done on purpose?) explorer.exe which can be located from your windows 10 pc c:\windows\explorer.exe cmd.exe which can be located from your windows 10 pc c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe When i connect my SSD, i have SETTINGS (D:) and GAMES (G:) but i dont see the windows 10 of the multi to put the explorer and cmd. So, how can i "install" these files?
  15. Salut, En fait cetait le décompressage de l'image que j'avais raté, j'avais du le stop avant la fin... So, on a Vewlix C with Sanwa 768P : -All Gulty Gear doesnt Work - Pokken is 3/4 size of the screen