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  1. thankyou, this information is very very helpful. the add coin code was added to the jvs io between v3 and v4 so the io software is different. please test this for me, does the issue occur if you run ring-caldrius or ttx3-sf5 or es3-tekken7 test the 3 games for me and see if these games will trigger the jvs to stop working when you game exit or if the jvs will still work after exit. the 3 games use the old io with no add coin code update. just a thought of what it could be that caused the issue.
  2. pink glitch is possibly custome resolution not properly supported by the display. is this a tv? tv does not support a lot of custom resolution modes like the computer screen does. if this is a tv can you test this on a computer lcd if you have one. ghost recon is running 1080p, the custom resolution is just required for the game to talk to the driver and internal render correctly. this game is a pain to get to work with the correct ar and render at 1080p direct3d error on these games = custom resolution is either not set correctly in nvidia control panel or the display is reporting to the video card that the mode is not supported by the display. if you need to change the resolution of any of these games you need to learn what the original resolution is and try to run it at the original resolution. if you want to use a custom resolution to work on your tv then you need to understand what the ar is for the custom resolution and just try a more standard version of this. example 4:3 16:9 or something like that. lindbergh is not as easy as some other games though. to make lindbergh work with the multi menu and enter/exit, the way these games work with TP it is difficult to get it to work on a different resolution. all 3 of these games work for me on my ttx3 404 with 660gtx and 680gtx. i am using computer monitor 1080p 60hz with dvi and with hdmi connector. i have tested both connector and all 3 of these games work. i have asked 1 more person who also has the 680 video card to test these games and for him this is also working correctly. i can only ask that you try to test with a clean write of the image, on a computer monitor, after second boot set gpu scaling, set the 3 custom resolutions that is needed and then see if the problem still exists.
  3. if you are getting the same teknoparrot issue with your pc and the ttx3 then what item is common between the 2? i don't have this issue ever but you have the issue on 2 completely different system. is there any item of hardware that you are using the same between the 2 systems? mouse? keyboard? screen? i don't know what the cause but it has to be something common. wangan 5 e0505 error = the game requires an internet line to start. you must have the internet connected for wmmt5 to start. there is another issue with this game that i just found, to play this game you must goto teknoparrot, goto game settings, set to run in terminal mode and then boot the game 1 time. then exit and uncheck the run in terminal mode option and the game will load correct. if you don't do this step the game will get past the e0505 error but the game will hang at the searching terminal information on bootup. i will fix this for next version. sega dream raider works fine for me = you use service and test to control calibrate menu, p1 start to select and you need to set all your controls in teknoparrot to control guns and buttons before you run this game. calibrate screen and the game works fine for me.
  4. i think this issue is caused by the namco noir io system? this is a strange issue, especially with the persona game because the other persona game works ok? and this is the same game engine, very similar game. the jvs io wrapper for the menu, and the jvs io wrapper for the menu is the exact same wrapper for those games you listed it is the exact same exe file. somewhere in your io chain something is causing this to block. if i had this io here i could test for you but i do not so i really can't help any more for this issue. for best results you really need to use the ttx3 dmac io card and the io board that works with this dmac card. if you can get it working on another system, that is excellent but it may have some issues. if fastio.exe is still running but you are not getting and key press in notepad, something in the io chain is blocking it. if running on a non ttx3 system and a small amount of games are not working properly, you might just have to accept that this is just a thing that cannot be fixed without a lot of troubleshooting. i would say buy ttx3, or just use your jvspac and smile that the multi works on your es3. strange issue because the exe file used on your trouble game list is exact same exe file for io as the menu runs. not a copy of the exe wrapper it is the exact same exe, so if you can trigger a problem with the controls in the game, you should be able to duplicate this problem in the menu system as well. if just the game loses input but the notepad still works then this would show that it is the game problem, but you said you lost the input for notepad as well and the fastio.exe is still running, this is very strange and almost like the io software has crashed but remains open. you can try 1 thing. when the game is running and you lose the io controls, ctrl alt del>kill fastio.exe>then goto e:\system\am\ and run fastio.exe from this folder and see if this makes the io control start working again. the game must stay running during this process. it is possible there is some communication from the namco io that causes the io software to stall or hang. if you have no jvs in v3, this will be com port mapping issue, nothing else. nothing else changes from v3 to v4 for this to happen for you. please note that we didn't own the ttx2 fastio card so have not tested this card with the multi, only the TTX3 dmac fastio card has been tested. the jvs software was written for ttx2 though so it should work. i hope it works for you.
  5. thankyou! same windows 10 version but the newest rollup patch has been applied to v4 not to v3. shutdown issue for v3 was caused by king of fighters mira. v3 image was working fine until we try to add kor mira using game loader allrh game and this game did something to the operating system to make it have all kinds of issues. after we added this game and it performed the reboot the system started rebooting where it wasn't rebooting before. this is part of the reason why v4 operating system had to be completely rebuilt from fresh again, there was something wrong in the v3 windows install (we spent so many hours trying to fix this before we decided to just reinstall). this issue does not exist in the v4 operating system, v4 operating system is clean. reinstall for the operating system is a lot of work, many games don't work at first and you have to go and run each one of them and set jconfig/rconfig registry settings and wrapper settings. we will never reinstall the operating system from now, i can't do this much work for 1 person, it will take months. i will just build on top of v4 from here. happy to hear it's working for you
  6. i have not seen this issue, with my jvs io type that i posted above jvs works properly for games when i exit. which type of io are you using? are you using this is on a cabinet that has a sub io board like a vewlix or a namco noir?
  7. when you click empty line, tp will capture the mouse cursor and lock into box until you press the button you want to use then it will release the mouse cursor. then click save blue button at bottom. just try to map 1 key in the game and see if it will work try to map 1 player start to a button and see if this will let you save. if this doesn't work maybe try the teknoparrot thread someone from there might know. i have never had this problem on tp on pc or ttx3 image. you don't need to change any game settings in tp for ttx3 image you just need to map the keys.
  8. my system is running taito type x3 with all original hardware and dmac io card, the io board i am using is the sega jamma io board number 838-13683-93 rev b. it is connected via the usb port on the dmac io card. TTX2 BlazBlue-ChronoPhantasma - this game work perfect with jvs both player 1 and player 2 all 4 buttons and game exit combo works ok for me. Persona 4 - Ultimate Mayonaka Arena - this game work perfect with jvs both player 1 and player 2 all 4 buttons and game exit combo works ok for me. TTX3 BlazBlue Central Fiction - this game work perfect with jvs both player 1 and player 2 all 4 buttons and game exit combo works ok for me. RING Guilty Gear - Xrd - this game work perfect with jvs both player 1 and player 2 all 5 buttons and game exit combo works ok for me. Guilty Gear - Xrd Rev2 - this game work perfect with jvs both player 1 and player 2 all 5 buttons and game exit combo works ok for me. jvs is working perfectly on those games for me on the original taito type x3 hardware and the above jvs io board. the jvs keyboard io software was not coded by us but it was coded to work for the taito type x hardware, if it works for other hardware like the es3, and the io works through the es3 io system then that is great to hear but it's very difficult to troubleshoot this setup because we don't have the hardware here. if i owned the hardware i could test it out for you but i don't so it is difficult. please check the below 1,2,3 1.are you using SSD? 2.if you ctrl+alt+del>task manager when the game is running do you see fastio.exe running? 3.when you run the game and it is running with keyboard connected, try ctrl+alt+del>task manager>alt+f>enter>notepad.exe>enter (this will make notepad start) now with notepad open and the game open in the background try to press buttons on the cabinet and see if there is typing into the notepad. p1 buttons should write qweasd the io program should be running and you should be able to type letters into the notepad by pressing buttons. this will determine if the problem is the io program not running or if the game is not accepting the key presses from the io software. sometimes the game will close if you press alt+tab between them, just try another game that is not working if it happens.
  9. left 4 dead test is working properly for me ttx3 standard unit with 660gtx. exit works and no enlarge on screen. left4dead jvs = game works and game exit combo works left4dead fastio = game works and game exit combo works i will look at the rayforce image.
  10. allrgh does not work very well when you run it from autoit script and it use the IO wrapper, allrgh will block the keycode from the io, we tried to make allrgh work properly with several games that require it to use but it is difficult. please write the game name that is not working for you and i will check it to confirm if this game does work properly with the factory TTX3 system and jvs. it is possible that some games will not work properly with a different system. it is very important to write the video card type you are using as well if you are having a problem with a game. amd cards will not work with some games because of the coding for nvidia cards. if some games won't work then i will fix them for all user and then put out an update for v4.1 with some fixes. anican are you using jvs io or fast? are you using the standard ttx3 system or another pc system with left 4 dead? if anyone is having any problems, please write the following information to help me test it. GAME NAME - IO TYPE - TTX3 or OTHERPC type. i can try to fix any problems for all user.
  11. NOTE IF YOUR TTX3 HAS A NON 660GTX VIDEO CARD, MAYBE YOU UPGRADED TO A 680GTX OR A 780GTX, OR EVEN IF IT HAS A 660GTX AND IT IS NOT THE STANDARD ONE YOU MUST SET GPU SCALING IN THE NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL AND YOU MUST ADD THE 3 CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS IN THE README. YOU SHOULD CHECK THAT THESE SETTINGS ARE CORRECT FOR YOU. IT IS IMPORTANT WHEN YOU USE ANY VIDEO CARD THAT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL 660GTX, WINDOWS WILL RESET THESE SETTINGS EVERY TIME IN THE NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL. YOU NEED TO SET THESE OPTIONS TO WHAT WE WROTE IN THE README FILE SO GAMES WILL WORK CORRECTLY FOR YOU. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO IT ONE TIME AND IT STAYS CORRECT. IF YOU CHANGE VIDEO CARD AGAIN IT WILL RESET AND YOU NEED TO DO IT AGAIN. artax ttx3 mega multi v4 release thread torrent file download is here artax-ttx3-v4.7z TORRENT MIRROR [Hidden Content] ~~WHAT IS THIS~~ This is a multigame arcade image. It is designed to run on a Taito Type X3 hardware unit with either FASTIO or JVS IO board. It's built to work out of the box with the standard TTX3 unit that has the I5 cpu and 660gtx GPU. It will work on other computer systems, and most games are playable with a keyboard, but a lot of the games are configured to exit via key combos that come from the IO boards. Most games you will play fine with a keyboard only, but you will need to ctrl+alt+del process kill or alt+f4 a few of the games if you aren't using FASTIO or JVS. The image is built on Windows 10 LTSC. You need to write this image to a 1TB SSD and then you boot from the SSD. You don't install this on Windows, it's already done for you, just write the image and then boot from it. ~~WHAT WILL YOU NEED~~ - A computer or TTX3 unit with a JVS/FASTIO IO board. If you're using a computer you will want the internal io card from the TTX3 - XBOX 1 Gamepad, keyboard and mouse for games that require it. - Arcade cabinet? - 1TB SSD Drive - 1080p Screen(a lot of games will work on 720p screens, some won't, just try it and see what happens) - NO CARD READER REQUIRED 2 of the persons previously working on this will take a break from now as they no longer have time to dedicate to this project, so it's only 1 person for now. the project is not abandon, progress for adding games will be slower than before as we were 3, and are now 1 but i'll do my best. the last month has been very intensive working hours to get all this updated and games added. thanks to everyone who has helped and offer testing assistance. if you want to donate as a thanks for this project the XMR/monero address (starts 84 ends in NZ) is in the readme. we have hosting until the end of august, at which point we will need to start paying for hosting again, it's not a large amount (less than 10 euro/mo) but we are ok until end of august. if you have a seedbox you can offer to host this, we can get around that cost, send me a message if you do and we can chat. sftp access will be required and around 500-600gb space. or if you can make a mirror then please make a mirror and host. donate is not necessary, we will continue to work on this without donations. artax mega multi v4 is up to 580ish games now. a lot of stuff is fixed from the previous version, post here if you find any issues but read the readme first to see if your issue is answered in there. if you want lindbergh games, read the readme, you will see how to enable them in there. teknoparrot gun games don't work unless you setup your controls. the is not something we can avoid because it uses unique device id from your system for each mouse so we can't pre-setup this for you. maybe you can make guns work instead with teknoparrot if you have them. you can also make a steering wheel work with teknoparrot driving games if you have one, just change configure the controls in TP. joystick also work for teknoparrot games, star wars after burner etc. we added a little bonus of cuphead game. you will need to use all controls and exit game combo (ESC) to bring up the menu. it works ok and the game is awesome. also demul mouse fix reported for no mouse connected, easy hide mouse cursor and easy enable mouse cursor and some more! enjoy!