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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! down... seed... try... and report! :D tnx for all!
  2. hello my experience ... first of all thanks for the good work !!! I had problems with audio over HDMI, I can't hear anything, and I can't select HDMI in the sound options ... but I can fix this in the device manager, and put "ENABLE DRIVER" the same problem with JVS (I try naomi's capcom JVS) the solution is as Murray explains. confirm the JVS CAPCOM WORKS GREAT!! PD: next beta is more than 1TB?
  3. note that a games that will required a better video card, are games in "no final build". think about this. worth it?
  4. hey! tnx for your effort, down, try and report !! :D
  5. great! JVS, like Capcom JVS will works?
  6. UFFF! sounds really goooooooooooooood! you work hard dude! tnx! a keyboard have 2 players? or only 1 player?