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  • 🕹️Steel Chronicle Victroopers - Arcade longplay
    by Insert coin
    The sudden appearance of the unidentified "Steel Bug" inflicts devastating damage on humanity.
    A few years after this threat, later called "Galalhorn," the survival of the human race is at stake...
    The remaining human race establishes the Steel Insects Against Steel Insects (S.I.V.A.) organization, and creates the...
    Skyline Edge Emulator v24 | Hollow Knight | Nintendo Switch Game on Android | Snapdragon 765G
    by Mola Gora
    ROG Ally VS Steam Deck | Loading Times & Peformance Comparison | Analista De Bits
    - This review was conducted with the pre-release firmware on ASUS ROG Ally. Its performance might change in the final version.
    - ASUS will release 2 models of ROG Ally. The Z1 Extreme version will be released on June 13 for 799€. For more information, visit this link: https://es.rog.gg/ROGALLY_media
    - All games reviewed in this video...
    Top 3 Epic OLED Gaming Monitors for 2023
    Here are my Top 3 Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors for 2023 and beyond.
    CES is right around the corner and we have already seen some incredible new gaming monitors which have been teased ahead of the Las Vegas Tech Event..
    All have 240Hz refresh rates and OLED Panels
    Mobile Suite Gundam Extreme Versus 2 - Attract Mode (Teknoparrot)
    Nobiteke! Byon Byon Diasakusen Konami (2008) - Play Test (Teknoparrot)
    Dolphin 5.0 - Emulation PC en 4K -Wii et Game Cube Tuto complet by retrojeux
    Dans ce tuto je vais vous expliquer pas à pas, comment installer dolphin et comment le configurer pour jouer avec une manette gamecube (pour switch) sur pc et avoir les meilleurs graphismes.
    by Retrojeux

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  1. 💿 Mario Kart Super⁴ DJ-MIX [Mixed by Seb@s] MK8DX『マリオカート⁴ミックス』 4K | 60fps  

    Entertainment - Started by ,

    ◄ TRACK-LIST BELOW ► VGM DJ MIX〚DJミックス〛(2023.05.28) 
    Mario Kart Super⁴ DJ-MIX 『マリオカート⁴ミックス』
    DOWNLOAD : DJ-MIX available (WAV) at = https://www.squid-board.org/ (need to reg.)
    Here is a Big 1 Hour, 47+ Tracks, DJ MIX selection of Mario Kart musics mixed in Audio, it was my project for 2023,
    With all the nostalgia, passion & love that i have for these games, since the first, Super Mario Kart.

    Tracklist Legend :
       [Course_Source] Course_Name - (Music_Type) Extra_TrackName [Remixer/Arranger_Artist]
       REM = Remixes  /  ARR = Arrangements  /  OST = Original Soundtrack
    Sources :
    // Some of the Remixes & Arrangements from Fans are coming from YouTube, i did my best with that quality ;D
    // (MK8DX)[DLC] at the end, mean that the music is coming from my lossless rip.
    Tracklist :
      【00:00】  01.  [N64]  REM  Kalimari Desert - (Remix) [Lilan]   [Mix➧1:23]
      【01:45】  02.   [DS]  REM  Waluigi Pinball  ⁄  Wario Stadium - (Remix Funk) Tilt & Drift [YoshiBlade]   [Mix➧2:49]
      【03:07】  03. [TOUR]  REM  Sydney Sprint - (Remix Chiptune) [NoteBlock]   [Mix➧5:12]
      【05:43】  04.  [Wii]  REM  Daisy Circuit - (Remix Chiptune) [NoteBlock & Jackson Parodi]   [Mix➧6:47]
      【07:02】  05. [SNES]  REM  Rainbow Road - (Remix) Rainbow Rain [vail]   [Mix➧8:59]
      【09:45】  06.  [N64]  ARR  Koopa Troopa Beach - (DELUXE Cover) [Panman]   [Mix➧10:41]
      【11:42】  07.  [N64]  REM  Staff Roll - (Remix Progressive House) [Saiga]   [Mix➧12:44]
      【12:59】  08.   [WU]  REM  Big Blue~F-Zero - (Remix) [Player2]   [Mix➧14:23]
      【15:08】  09.   [SW]  OST  Yoshi's Island (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-4]   [Mix➧16:05]
      【16:36】  10.  [Wii]  REM  Coconut Mall - (Remix) [Naz3nt]   [Mix➧18:30]
      【18:44】  11.   [SW]  OST  MKTV Menu (MK8DX)   [Mix➧19:18]
      【19:48】  12.  [N64]  ARR  Battle Arenas (Battle) - (DELUXE Cover) [JoshhMarshh]   [Mix➧20:41]
      【21:11】  13.  [Wii]  OST  Moo Moo Meadows (MK8DX)   [Mix➧22:01]
      【22:05】  14.   [WU]  OST  Sweet Sweet Kingdom (Battle) (MK8DX)   [Mix➧22:43]
      【22:52】  15.   [DS]  ARR  Desert Hills - (DELUXE Cover) [Panman]   [Mix➧24:18]
      【24:33】  16. [TOUR]  ARR  Berlin Byways - (DELUXE Cover) [Deloof Teg Orb]   [Mix➧25:10]
      【25:33】  17. [TOUR]  ARR  Vancouver Velocity - (DELUXE Cover) [Starmonized]   [Mix➧26:47]
      【27:14】  18. [TOUR]  OST  Singapore Speedway "Chinatown Version" (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-4]   [Mix➧28:34]
      【28:45】  19. [SNES]  REM  Mario Circuit - (Remix) [Turret 3471]  x  (8-Bit) (Konami VRC6) [Bulby]   [Mix➧29:39]
      【29:53】  20.  [GBA]  ARR  Lakeside Park - (DELUXE Cover) [Deloof Teg Orb]   [Mix➧31:29]
      【31:44】  21.   [DS]  ARR  REM  DK Pass - (Remix105 Classic) [Isana]   [Mix➧32:35]
      【32:49】  22.   [DS]  OST  Shroom Ridge (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-1]   [Mix➧33:33]
      【34:29】  23.   [DS]  REM  Mario Circuit 2 "Beta" - (Restored) [Cloou]  x  [DS] Mario Circuit 2 "Beta" - (Remix) [Unknown]   [Mix➧35:25]
      【35:31】  24.  [GBA]  ARR  Yoshi Desert - (DELUXE Cover) [Deloof Teg Orb]   [Mix➧37:07]
      【37:22】  25.  [GBA]  ARR  Sunset Wilds - (DELUXE Cover) [Deloof Teg Orb]   [Mix➧38:07]
      【38:11】  26.   [WU]  OST  Water Park "Main Version" (MK8DX)   [Mix➧38:58] 
      【39:13】  27. [TOUR]  ARR  Los Angeles Laps - (DELUXE Cover) [Deloof Teg Orb]   [Mix➧39:55]
      【40:23】  28. [TOUR]  OST  Amsterdam Drift (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-4]   [Mix➧40:59]
      【41:26】  29.  [GCN]  REM  Rainbow Road - (Remix) [Harry Lodes]   [Mix➧44:02]
      【44:09】  30. [TOUR]  OST  Tokyo Blur (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-1]   [Mix➧44:55]
      【44:55】  31.   [WU]  OST  Dolphin Shoals "DeepSea Version" (MK8DX)  x  [3DS] Rainbow Road "Moon Version" (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-3]   [Mix➧45:21]
      【45:25】  32.   [WU]  REM  Electrodrome Medley - (8-Bit) [Bulby]  x  "Main Version" (MK8DX)  x  "Shy Guy Crowd Version" (MK8DX)   [Mix➧46:31]
      【47:13】  33.   [SW]  OST  MKTV Watch Race! (MK8DX)   [Mix➧47:27]
      【47:55】  34.  [3DS]  OST  Piranha Plant Slide (MK8DX)   [Mix➧48:56]
      【49:21】  35.  [Wii]  ARR  Dry Dry Ruins - (DELUXE Cover) [Panman]   [Mix➧50:36]
      【50:54】  36.  [N64]  OST  Moo Moo Farm  ⁄  Yoshi Valley (MK8DX)   [Mix➧51:34]
      【51:40】  37.  [3DS]  OST  Mario Circuit  ⁄  Toad Circuit (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-1]   [Mix➧52:30]
      【52:30】  38.  [3DS]  OST  Neo Bowser City (MK8DX) [WU-DLC-2]   [Mix➧53:12]
      【53:17】  39. [TOUR]  OST  Bangkok Rush (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-4]   [Mix➧54:14]
      【54:14】  40. [TOUR]  OST  Paris Promenade (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-1]   [Mix➧54:48]
      【54:51】  41. [TOUR]  OST  Merry Mountain (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-3]   [Mix➧55:46]
      【55:56】  42.   [WU]  OST  Hyrule Circuit (MK8DX) [WU-DLC-2]   [Mix➧56:39]
      【57:06】  43. [SNES]  REM  Choco Island - (Remix 2023) [Lilan]   [Mix➧57:50]
      【57:51】  44. [SNES]  ARR  Choco Island - (DELUXE Cover) (Seb@s Edit) [Panman]   [Mix➧58:21]
      【58:48】  45.  [N64]  OST  Choco Mountain (MK8DX) [SW-DLC-1]   [Mix➧59:57]
      【1:00:24】  46.   [SW]  OST  Title Screen (MK8DX)   [Mix➧1:01:16]
      【1:01:16】  47.   [SW]  OST  Staff Roll (MK8DX)
    Duration : 1h05m30s

    ♥ M K__L U V ♥

    Video Sources, Featurings & More :
  2. teknoparrotm patreon error  

    Test Emulator Game - Started by ,

    Hello, does anyone know this error?
    Tank tank, hummer, terminator gives this error in patreon games
  3. What Was So Great About Arcades in the 80's & 90's?  

    Documentary - Started by ,

    Arcades are still around today. But the experience of going to a modern arcade is vastly different to the experience you would've had back when I was a kid. So, what exactly was so great about arcades in the 1980's & 1990's? 
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