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15 Namco System 246 / 256 Emulation Tested on Play! 2x6 Emulator

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by Emu Gamer

Play! 2x6 Emulator build can runs Namco system 245/256 Arcade games
played and tested, it look very promising.
Here are 15 Namco system 245 games tested on Play! 2x6 Emulator build

Game Tested
00:02 : Bloody Roar 3 (Playable)
05:37 : Capcom Fighting Jam (Playable)(no M Kick, H Kick Buttons)
09:25 : Cobra the arcade (booting w Black screen)
09:49 : Pride GP 2003 (Playable)
15:12 : Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle  (JVS + audio not implemented yet)
17:32 : Sengoku Basara X Cross  (Playable)
23:37 : Smash Court Pro Tournament (Black screen after select player)
             (Test menu shows set for 2 player)
25:08 : Soul Calibur 2 (Playable)
29:24 : Soul Calibur 3 (Playable)
32:04 : Tekken 4 (Playable + missing one of the kick buttons)
35:38 : Tekken 5 (booting w Black screen)
36:07 : Time Crisis 3 (JVS not implemented yet)
40:02 : Vampire Night (JVS not implemented yet)
42:33 : Wangan Midnight (JVS not implemented yet)
46:21 : Wangan Midnight R (JVS not implemented yet)

play! v0.58-93-g11e91701: https://gofile.io/d/OL3MGu


To learn more about this emulator, go to this Forum :



JAMMA Video Standard, or JVS, the standard used by most arcade games since the late 90s. It's a serial protocol that makes arcade hardware close to plug and play: connect a single cable from your cabinet's I/O board to your new arcade board, and you get all of your controls and coin slots connected at once

This is my New Channel (EMU GAMER)
My old Channel 'EMU PLAY' is gone. If you a subscriber from that channel please subscribe again to this new channel, thks.

Ryzen 5 5900X
RTX 3070
Window 11


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Mr guru put public ACE DRIVER 3 FINAL TURN on his website will anyone be able to run it on play I'm trying here and so far without success
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