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  • ROG Ally VS Steam Deck | Loading Times & Peformance Comparison | Analista De Bits
    - This review was conducted with the pre-release firmware on ASUS ROG Ally. Its performance might change in the final version.
    - ASUS will release 2 models of ROG Ally. The Z1 Extreme version will be released on June 13 for 799€. For more information, visit this link: https://es.rog.gg/ROGALLY_media
    - All games reviewed in this video...
    by Ken Bogard VERSUS
    Petit tour du systeme de jeu de ce Samurai Shodown.
    On décrit les mecaniques et la facon de bouger et jouer de ce jeu
    On parlera du Just defend dans la Video sur Haohmaru ^^
    🔫Lethal Enforcers 3 / CO-OP Playthrough : Practice video for the 'Super Speedrun Showcase
    It's a practice video for the 'Super Speedrun Showcase' Twitch broadcast that I am participating in on October 2nd.
    (10월 2일 트위치에서 진행하는 슈퍼 스피드런 쇼케이스에 이 게임으로 참가합니다. 시청 주소는 아래 URL을 참고해 주세요.)
    Player 2 is a new player who has rarely played this game. We continue to practice until the event and aim for 1 Credit Cleared.
    Game Setting...
    Fright Fear Land - Haunted Museum II - Full Playthrough (Teknoparrot)
    Army of Two - Xenia Canary Custom Xbox 360 on PC
    Army of Two sous Xenia Canary Custom.
    d3d12_readback_resolve = true
    draw_resolution_scale_x = 1
    draw_resolution_scale_y = 1
    I9 10850k@4.8/4.9Ghz
    Asus Maximus XII Formula
    64Go DDR4 GSkill Trident Z 3600Mhz[XMPII]
    Gigabyte 2070 RTX 8G OC
    Windows 10 Pro x64
    by Emu ScreenHD :...
    Play Dead Or Alive 6 Ver. 1.06 (2019) Arcade PC
    Play Arcade Games with PC at Home
    by Arcade Emulator
    X Games Snowboarder - Full Playthrough (Teknoparrot)

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