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Setting up O.N.G.E.K.I. 1.39


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Get the Ongeki 1.39 FullPack
(thanks to @meru_golang for this great upload)


1. Best install this game on a drive from the root. For example d:\ongeki or e:\ongeki

Your mileage will change when putting it in subfolders like 'Program Files (x86)' and I noticed that this will create a subfolder in the amfs folder which prevents the bios from saving your settings.

If you like your games on 1 place -like I do- you can use a subst command to create a new 'root'

eg: SUBST I: E:"\Program Files (x86)\Ongeki 1.39\package-ongeki_1.39"  (this will create an 'I:' drive)


2. Get your ip-adres (ipconfig in command box) and it looks something like 192.168.x.y

Now change the following files

remove the # before the two lines and set ip-adres
allnet.server.host=<your ip adres>    


default=<your ip adres>

subnet=<your ip adres>


3. In order to make your card work (the one in the download made the game crash when using the aime card)
delete (or if you don't trust this action just rename it) the /data/db.sqlite file

Now start aqua by running start-aqua.bat (as administrator): This will create a new fresh db.sqlite file
Now also start game by starting start.bat (as administrator)
The first time takes longer as it will regenerate the data_cache.bin. It seems that booting stops with the second line flashing.

It will take up to 5 minutes on a SSD drive for regenerating this data_cache.bin file so be patient. 

4. Then when it does the bios checks it will stop and start flashing on the 5th entry in the bios start screen
(Also use google translate on your phone)
This entry translates roughly as 'get settings from reference machine A'


Now enter the service menu (default '1' and you can also use '1' to navigate). The default 'enter' button = 'J' 


Navigate to 4th menu from top: "lever settings" and 'enter' the settings.



Assuming you are going to use your mouse as 'lever' : Move your mouse left to right to calibrate
When finished exit this screen (last option).



And in the next menu go 'up' to save these settings and exit the next screen



Navigate to 6th menu from top : "Game Settings" and change the first setting from A to OFF

You can also play around with the options for credits.

Exit this menu (last option) with the 'J'


Now go to last entry to exit the bios settings.


This should start the game.


Now press and hold the <ENTER> key to register a new card.

Default the middle row of your keyboard (ASD JKL) will handle the buttons, your mouse will handle the lever and mouse left and right clicks the sides.

You can change the button assigment in segatools.ini


Issues and possible solutions

  • Booting stops flashing on the first line without going forward.

          in config_common.json under the line allnet_accounting change it to false. 


  • The bios settings are not saved so next time you need to calibrate again and set the game settings.

           You probably have the game on a folder and/or drive with subfolders.


  • The game crashes when you attempt registering/using the aime card.

           Do not go into the blue button menu but just swipe your card right away.


if you really want to have the arcade experience build your controller https://nananana.net/nageki-en/






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