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  1. [Hidden Content] pass: trymado If the dump includes ganeloader, delete it including the sv folder and download the latest version. FYI: Check this post first before asking for a sppecific dump: [Hidden Content]
  2. I downloaded this file [Hidden Content] from the Tekken 7 post and it does not work for me with Tp. Any idea?
  3. Does Tekken 7 Vanilla update 1.2 work with TP? For me, it does not load. Thanks!
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Is Virtua Fighter V R supported by TP? The changelog claims so but the game is not in the game list. Thanks!
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Is there a place for reporting TP bugs? HOTD4 has problems with coins.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Could someone reupload hotd4 rev C update? Thanks!
  7. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    Yes, we need to wait until the dll be released. I guess it will be after Reaver comes with apm3 emulation because flybit does not want that Reaver stole ideas or code.
  8. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    These games are supported by Jconfig64x but they need the apm.dll and flybit have not released it yet.
  9. Check thediscord channel of 1cc. There are Jconfigs for InitialD games but they have errors sadly.
  10. Does someone have the old jconfig for bg4 the regular version, not the tuned one?
  11. Did you place the Jconfig files inside the exe folder?
  12. All taito type x arcade boards are based on nvida cards, I dont know if the games work with amd cards
  13. I downloaded the game from here too I dont have this files: ProjectSettings.json slnx.sqlite VSWorkspaceState.json And the idmacdrv32 must be the one that is 54 kb in size, you have the wrong one. Also check the size of your nesicacore dll. Here my files: And here you have my idmacdrv32: iDmacDrv32.dll