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  1. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    This is wiring diagram of GS [Hidden Content]
  2. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    I summarize pin number of fast i/o of gunslinger stratos. G1 PinNo. 3:+5V 5:GL Analog X(Left gun stick X) 6:GR Analog X(Right gun stick X) 7:GL Analog Y(Left gun stick Y) 8:GR Analog Y(Right gun stick Y) 9:Sound Volume 13:A+5V(connected gun controller) 14:AGND(connected gun controller) 15:Coin Switch 17:Service Switch 18:Select Switch 19:Enter Switch 21:Test Switch 27:Pulse B 29:Pulse A 31:Message Switch(Left gun lever push) 32:Camera Switch(Right gun lever push) 33:Union Sensor 1(may be conbime two gun) 34:Jump Switch(jump button on right gun) 35:Union Sensor 2(may be conbime two gun) 47:Coin Meter 49:Sound mute 50:Headphone mute 51:H-vol up 52:H-vol down 53:nesica LED red 54:nesica LED green 55:Nesica LED blue
  3. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    Hi, I got a wiring diagram of gunslinger stratos. It is useful for developing emulator? If it may be useful, I share these diagram.
  4. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    What the information for developing emulation tools? (CRC?)
  5. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    In testmode, it is written in Japanese. So, I translated menu and you will be able to go the device test mode.
  6. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    I'm always wait for playing this game. I love this game, but this game is ended and removed a year ago.
  7. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    Oh, I'm sorry for misleading writing. This change is for control "testmode". In default, we can not control up/down and the cursor scrolling very fast in menu of testmode. If the code of "testmode.unk" changes, we can control "testmode" and can examine for key input to correspond game button.
  8. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    If you control test mode, you need change code of "testmode.unk". The file is in "\resource\finalizedwindows\testmode" And replace the code of row number 395 to "local keydown = isKeyService();". You can key down by using service button.
  9. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    I found below jconfig keys correspond to buttons of gunslinger stratos game. P1 button1:Left gun lever push P1 button2:combinate two gun side mode P1 button3:conbinate tandem mode P2 button1:Right gun lever push P2 button2:Jump button (Right gun) Test mode:Go to test mode P1 Coin:coin
  10. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    Sorry, I do not have Initial D game and I will not get it.
  11. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    Oh, who is "other people"? I think Flybit is one of developer. He upload playing this game a half year ago. I want to get the emulator even if it is in WIP. I want to get the information of progress of developing this game....
  12. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    It may be difficult to emulate gun controller. I'm grateful your efforts!! If you need for translate Japanese in the game or program code, please tell me. I can translate Japanese to English.
  13. [Arcade PC] Gunslinger Stratos 3 (WIP)

    I used gun games jconfig but I could not control this game :( I'm very interested to get this game working too. I can read the comment in program files. But, I can not develop emulation files. So, we need developer of emulating this game.
  14. Gunslinger Stratos 3 (work in progress) Part1:[Hidden Content] Part2:[Hidden Content] Part3:[Hidden Content] Part4:[Hidden Content] Part5:[Hidden Content] mirror: [Hidden Content] Stratos 3.html This game is work in progress. We need help for emulating file. This game can launch by using jconfig and iDmacDrv64 of school of ragnarok. But, we have not emulator for controlling this game now. It is need for develop this. In this game file, there are program files and I found input keybit. (This game may use original function to get key input bit.) Left gun stick 0x00000001 left 0x00000004 right 0x00000002 up 0x00000008 down 0x00000100 trigger 0x00000800 lever push Right gun stick 0x00000010 left 0x00000040 right 0x00000020 up 0x00000080 down 0x00000200 trigger 0x00020000 lever push 0x00000400 jump combinate two gun 0x00001000 side mode 0x00002000 tandem mode
  15. Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Pc

    Unfortunately, Magician's Dead JConfig can not apply GS3. Game engine of these two games is different (GS3:Orochi4, MD:Unreal engine)