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Setting Up Sound Voltex Exceed Gear Data


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The purpose of this tutorial is to make setting up Sound Voltex Exceed Gear easier for those who wants to play.

Not everyone is able to download from nyaa.si torrent, so here are the links for you to download the necessary files.


1. Download these according to the date, and overwrite the older version with the newer version.
KFC-2023042500 (Credit goes to @MXDrako for uploading these)




KFC-2023042500 to 2023091200 (thanks anon from 1cc for uploading)

Update from 2023091200-2023102400 credits mikaelr 

https://pixeldrain.com/u/34Gyv9pj (KFCJA2023091200-2023102400.rar)



2. Patch the DLL accordingly.

Patching the DLL is necessary if you want to play on Valkyrie mode, so here's the link to the patcher: https://egrspatcher.pages.dev/


The patch options are very self-explanatory but remember to not to patch Unlock All Songs and Unlock All Difficulties as it will cause the game to crash after you're done with Skill Analyzer.

You will need to modify the ea3-config.xml as well in order to play with Valkyrie mode 120Hz refresh rate.

Only run Valkyrie mode in 120Hz because the game is intended to run at that refresh rate on Valkyrie Model cabinets, do not patch higher than 120Hz because the game won't run properly beyond that refresh rate.


    <model __type="str">KFC</model>
    <dest __type="str">J</dest>
    <spec __type="str">G</spec>
    <rev __type="str">A</rev>
    <ext __type="str">2023100300</ext>


Changing dest option will change your language, for Japanese language, for English, and for Korean. Some of the contents are limited to Japan only, so you either go with A for dest, or select the Fake Japan Region in the patcher.

Changing Specs will toggle between Nemsys (F) and Valkyrie (G) mode. Nemsys is 60Hz while Valkyrie is 120Hz. You can play Valkyrie mode on 60Hz but option G is necessary and you will need to select the Valkyrie Mode 60Hz option in the patcher.

3. Get SpiceX2 and Asphyxia Core to run the game.

To run the game, you will need SpiceX2 for now as it is the only known tool that supports the latest Sound Voltex Exceed Gear release. 

Download the latest version of SpiceX2 from this link: https://spice2x.github.io/

There is no need to manually changing the service URL in ea3-config.xml if you're using spiceX2 because these options can be customized using the tool.

After downloading, place Spice64.exe and Spicecfg.exe inside your Sound Voltex Exceed Gear folder.

You will need to select the option SDVX Disable Camera to run the game, else it will crash after the checking screen. If you're playing with the Subscreen, you will need to use the option Enable SDVX Subscreen Force Redraw in order to get the subscreen running smoothly. 

Make sure your audio settings are set to 16bit and 44100KHz, at least this is what I have tested and the game runs fine with these settings. 24bit and 48000KHz might work on other audio setup but 16bit and 44100KHz is the more common one that is known to work.

If game still crash and the error log shows error related to audio device, try to select the Shared Mode WASAPI option in the patcher.


You will need card number to have your progress saved on the server or Asphyxia, so just go to the card tab in Spicecfg.exe to generate your card number. Copy the card number and save it as card0.txt in your Sound Voltex folder.

You can insert the card by pressing numpad + or you can bind the shortcut to insert card in Spicecfg.exe.


If you're going to play locally, Asphyxia Core is the way to go. You can download the latest Asphyxia Core and SDVX plugin in the following links:
Asphyxia CORE: https://asphyxia-core.github.io/

SDVX Plugin: https://github.com/asphyxia-core/plugins
Alternative SDVX Exceed Gear plugin that is very well made by @ovv22 : https://github.com/22vv0/asphyxia_plugins/releases/tag/fork-

The plugin needs to be placed in the plugin folder and you will need to set your service URL in Spicecfg.exe to localhost:8083 in order to connect to the local server.

Once everything is ready, run Spice64.exe to start the game.


If you're going to play on a server, you can enter the necessary info such as PCBID and server URL in Spicecfg.exe options tab


4. First time knob calibration.
If you are greeted by a purple blinking box:



1. Press the "Test" button that you have configured in Spicecfg.exe.
2. Go to I/O CHECK
4. Press and hold VOL-L anti clockwise so that you will have the dial run 3 full cycles, then press Enter
5. Press and hold VOL-L clockwise so that you will have the dial run 3 full cycles, then press Enter
6. Press and hold VOL-R anti-clockwise so that you will have the dial run 3 full cycles, then press Enter
7. Press and hold VOL-R clockwise so that you will have the dial run 3 full cycles, then press Enter
9. Go to GAME MODE


If you have any questions, do head to the main topic and ask for help. Most people are very helpful there.



1. Fixing issue with the song Like a Vampire ( thanks to @laflegge for pointing this out )

One known error in 1 song (it does crash) : rename all files in data\music from 1804_likevampire_taka  to 1804_likeavampire_taka   (add an 'a' between 'like' and 'vampire')


2. Playing removed songs or add custom content with omnimix


3. Using ASIO on SDVX (credits to @1-5-LTC for the guide )

1.download ASIO4ALL in asio4all.org and install it

2.check option:asio Backend to asio(ASIO) in spicecfg-Options

3.fix .dll: DON'T check all WASAPI

4.Opengame now, alt+tab switch out, at this point you should see a green play button in the bottom toolbar of Windows, double click on it to open the asio settings panel.

5.In setting panel, find your voice driver programm and choose it. Open advanced settings at the right gear

6.Check “Always resample 44.1<->48 KHZ” and “Force WDM Driver to 16 BIT”

7.If you hear pops/noises and other unacceptable places, set ASIO BUFFER SIZE until you feel the sound is acceptable and the value is as small as possible

Edited by 573agent
update refresh rate patching notice because people just don't understand how the game works.
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On 11/1/2023 at 4:35 PM, sung0910 said:

what should I enter at PCBID and server URL?

PCBID is not needed if you play with Asphyxia. 


14 hours ago, woopie2 said:

why does it ask a password for the dll patcher?

Updated the link to a usable one because the original host decided to rage quit.

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22 hours ago, woopie2 said:

I have patached the game to 165 hz but in song, tis is definitly not 165 hz. I think its because my game lags.


the game is intended for 120hz, don't run higher than that.

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I have patched it to 120 hz but in song, my game runs at 70-80 fps and the note are really not smooth

On 11/19/2023 at 12:48 PM, 573agent said:


the game is intended for 120hz, don't run higher than that.


Edited by woopie2
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5 hours ago, woopie2 said:

I have patched it to 120 hz but in song, my game runs at 70-80 fps and the note are really not smooth



If you're using DAC, try running the game without DAC.
Also, the reason why the game, note, is not soft is presumed to be because you didn't turn on G-Sync or you didn't set 'Process Priority' to 'high' on the Advanced tab.
At least I solved the problem through the above method.

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