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  1. i need to add nfc reader work on my cabinet too!
  2. [Tuto] OutRun 2 SP SDX: How to Install

    does anyone have a fix to fix sun light in transition stage?
  3. i know there a router kit , for tc5 i supose it use normal rj45.
  4. install CCCP CODEC "32bit"
  5. SOOOOOOO , everybody know or have success to run COOP ( lan ) this game?
  6. [Trad French] Initial D ZERO 1.31 & 2.11

    cool mais dit moi , tu traduit a partir de texte anglais ou directement du japonais?
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    i got my guilty gear rev2 running fast no frame limit any idea to solve it?
  8. c'est la fete au dump yeahh!
  9. LINK PLAY work now? no?
  10. Someone succes to play it with 2p LINK ?
  11. is the link 2 players work?