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Castlevania The Arcade nexus mods (HD , rebalance, dracula select)


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Various mods and improvements for Castlevania the Arcade are available at nexuxmods:



HD Texure Mod:

Upscaled texture - nice for higher resolutions






Castlevania The Arcade Rebalance:

Rebalance enemys and bosses damage  (detailed info at link)




Dracula fight in Select Stage:



Better Dracula Voice:



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On 6/21/2023 at 4:17 AM, crtx said:

What is the reason for this pic and post??? most won't know....Thanks....

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17 hours ago, crtx said:

edited op if it was not obvious what nexus mods are

Sorry...plus the link hasn't worked for me until today...ty...plus go look at some posts...you think i am bad...lol

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spelling mistake.
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Thx a lot for this.

If you are the modder, can you please try to fix shaders for the "dracula fight" stage with nvidia cards? It would be great to avoid using DXVK, thank you again!

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