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Ryujinx - Sega mega drive/Genesis games working

Cool Coyote

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This SEGA Genesis Mega Drive – Nintendo Switch Online NSP NSZ games working fine now.                                    lego star wars prob working too but u would only want to play the pc version anyway.                                                                                                               is still                                                                                                 nintendo 64   games still   crashing on game and is not working


2022-04-11 (7).png

2022-04-11 (6).png

2022-04-11 (5).png

2022-04-11 (3).png

2022-04-11 (4).png

2022-04-11 (13).png


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  • Team

What is the point to play an emulator inside an another emulator lol ? nonsense !

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The prowess i guess...

Ryujinx is more accurate...the true switch can play this..then if Ryujinx can....it be more and more accurate for another games.

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To be fair its about emulation, so the fact you can do it, is the point, BUT HAVING SAID THAT, THE 'LOOK' IS PRETTY GOOD, IT LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE THE ORIGINAL. SO SWITCH HAS DONE A DECENT JOB EMULATING IT, THATS IF U HAVE 'CRT ON, otherwise it looks like shit. ALL SWITCH HAS DONE IS MAKE A HEAP OF RETRO GAMES, SOME ORIGINAL 'INDIE' GAMES, I'M NOT SURE WHAT THEIR DEAL IS, BUT CEMU(wiiU) NEVER HAD THIS AMOUNT OF SHIT IN THEIR LIBRARY. most of switches games are nonsense. some games are actually quite good. but games like pinballfx3 lego star wars, no way I'm going to play those on ryujinx. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERCISE to see if shit works. but i have enjoyed the mario games , the updated DK/ Toad /mario games . 1 gem i found was the dragons Lair trilogy, it works very well , but u see once again its a remake, but it is well made.  THE OTHER REASON I MENTION THIS GAME IS BECASUE MOST OF THESE OLD RETRO GAME BUNDLES DO NOT WORK. N64, SNES ETC..

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