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Making your own arcade stick (discussion)


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I'm trying to have the best information and suggestion to make an arcade stick with as much compatibility and fonctionality as possible , here's a bit of info
1- Mainly fighting games
2- I'm more interested in opinions about electronic parts like the buttons ,lever ,usb pcb ...etc for the casing I can have a nice plexiglass one made.
3-I watched a lot of videos on YouTube but still would like to hear from experts directly.
4-for buying stuff in Belgium places would be nice.
I will start :

buttons : Sanwa obsf 30
lever Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT
usb pcb : Brook universal fighting board.


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I guess if you have al the other arcade physical form too ,it would be worth it. I mean if I had the money and space id have a few favourite arcade machines plus mame on one of them - but i cant see myself using one of these on pc. to each his own.  I dont have enough space either . i have lockups here but no space ironically becasue i found this pinball machine but every lockup is taken

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If it is Sanwa parts you are using it should make a good arcade stick, I really rate them personally and they will be better than any of the ready made ones, I would be tempted to go for a wooden case though, rather than plastic or make your own with plywood or mdf, if you have the tools anyway, give it a sand and spray with automotive paint, the extra weight will really add to the feeling of it and it won't slide around as much, it should not even cost more.

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