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Cruis'n Blast For Nintendo Switch Official Game File 3.55GB + Everything You Need To Play It On Windows + Easy Instructions


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Plays great on the Yuzu Emulator.



To avoid a error message you will need to select tracks and stuff with the KEYBOARD button, i am getting a error message when using the mouse buttons, only has just been emulated so not perfect yet.


Download links for the game and keys and firmware and instructions to install for use with Yuzu Emulator.


Download Cruis'n Blast, official game file 3.55-GB

Got links from this site the NSP links



Link 1


Link 2



Firmware Download


How to install. Click on file on corner of Yuzu emulator then click option Open Yuzu Folder then open NAND then SYSTEM then CONTENTS then REGISTERED then extract all files from latest firmware zip file into that folder

Or get to it this way C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\yuzu\nand\system\Contents\registered


Both Keys you need




How to install the keys plus the download links for them












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il y a 55 minutes, Cool Coyote a dit :

wheres the arcade dump?


--->Arcade --> en attente (8.7 go)

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