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New Retro Arcade Neon


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On 18/06/2021 at 7:21 AM, sacolton said:

Additionally, I have an Oculus Quest 2 headset and using it for New Retro Arcade Neon is beyond amazing!  You would have to experience it for yourself.



does it feel like 1987 ? bit of ciggy smoke in the air and beer?

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The younger ones who never witnessed a time when the noise of an arcade room was more appreciated than that of a metal band concert, don't know what a simple coin means!
It all started with the "insert coin", sweaty hands and armpits, to prolong all the gameplay of the moment, pure fight between you and a machine.
Between the salon owner's threats to expel him to the street, the kicks and punches at cabinet when he looked away, nothing beats the spirit of arcade on live.
All for the price of a single coin in exchange for an attempt to get our name in the hall os fame. One religion, one spirit.
A time when creativity in games and gameplay had a level that doesn't exist today.
Today it's all commercial, based on game graphics improvements, on sequels to a successful game (many of them from arcade originals) and developed/played not for pleasure, but for addiction or occupation of time.
Those who today appreciate arcades, not seek for graphics, and many live the spirit that are reading this, I know that end with a big smile on the face, and it all started with "insert coin".
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