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It is very difficult to see what is happening from this once huge(Gigantic) arcade company.
It is gradually shrinking to the Software company. They have sold buildings and now their centers (SEGA), I hope it will not big affect the creation of new arcade games:triste:



SEGA was the first to establish these Entertainment Centers and now ends this business ...
I never believed that anyone would buy SEGU, some leading software company (eg Microsoft, Sony), (because it was big as a whole.)
Now, it's quite possible, I hope not:non:

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Damn.... Sega arcade systems were the bests for me! Well, except Japan and maybe USA, arcade was already pretty rare elsewhere. Regarding hardware we have at home now, it's been some years that arcade isn't having an advantage on home entertainment (I mean in term of performance and graphics). But I was still enjoying arcade style!

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