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  1. Re-Rave Arcade?

    But it's illegal.
  2. Sega

    By the way since they didn't sell the Superbowl UK centres, they have arcades in them, but by it's reopening, they'll plan to earn lots more.
  3. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r862

    what do you mean about it?
  4. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Dirt 5 when it is released.
  5. Also when i try to load up any game on a earlier version, it crashes the emulator.
  6. Some people have had when loading up a Naomi & Naomi 2 game a error saying "Create Device and swapchain failed" even though their computer supports DX11. Is there a work around for this or do you need to download a different version of the emulator?
  7. Tried that and still doesn;t work.
  8. I put the k573dio driver zip file, and when i try to audit a game that uses this, the file has NOT FOUND even though I put that file in the roms folder. I am using MAMEUI32. Any reasons why?