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Arcade Game Pirate's Hook Fishing Challenge


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3 hours ago, Cool Coyote said:

pirate4p.GHO  the fuk is that? how do you open it?

A GHO file is a backup file created by Norton Ghost, a disk cloning and backup program.

It contains a "snapshot" of a hard drive or other media device and saves data as an exact copy of the disk. 

GHO files are often used for creating full hard disk backups.


So make sure you extract this to a empty hard disk or memory stick because the destinatoin drive will be erased !

Make sure you got enough space at the destination drive, because the disk image is as big as the original hard disk was, it is a sector by sector copy.

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This program asks for two directories, otherwise it won't proceed past the "insert dongle" message.

The data.win is encrypted with a password.

I've included the paths of the two directories in a text file.

I've included the password in a text file.

Coding, can you please dump the contents of the security dongle found inside the machine?

The program cannot be accessed without them.



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Has anyone figured out how to actually launch the game? I don't know where to retrieve PirateHook.pdb from, and making the directories listed in findings.txt doesn't make it launch at all.

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Just an FYI,

I dumped the .GHO file to a new disk, and turned it into a 7z file. You can download that archive here:




Make sure that wherever you choose to extract this archive, that you have at least 11.5 GB of free space. That's how large the uncompressed size will be.

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