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[Arcade PC] Crossbeats REV. SUNRiSE (Capcom)

Guest petje

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il y a une heure, petje a dit :

Finally offline cracked !

Crossbeats REV. SUNRiSE on bemaniso



you only have games like this (Japanese music games) to share ?

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A few questions: I do have Crossbeats REV. SUNRISE with offline-patch (torrent from nyaa)


There is an artemis configuration for these games which I do have installed and running for this game and it seems to me that artemis and offline-patch are somehow 'biting' each other.

I see no activity in the artemis logging.


However running the non-patched executable gives me an error that it searches for c:\Mount\Option\9999\A45FDD23474521BA3

So I moved the folders to the root of my c:\ drive but the game just crashes and/or saying that it misses a file in nativePc/music  (which is correct...folder does not exists)


running the Rev_v11_offline_patched.exe starts the game albeit in offline mode


So the big question: how do I get this game 'online' with artemis.




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26 minutes ago, ultrabub563 said:

Empty KeyCHip-Id.

You really need to check if you have the  registry entries under hklm.

Because when I remove them I also get the 0949 error and after reapplying them it is gone. 

Same for keychip id... Without registry entries it is empty (0949) and with registry there is a value (no 0949 error) 


At least... That is my experience.. 

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Again: check the registry (regedit) if you have a key+values in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\SEGA  

like this 



If it is not there run the patch.reg (should be in your run folder but I also attached it)

If it is there then I can not help you anymore...perhaps run Rev_v11_offline_patched.exe as an administrator?


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