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  1. Problem solved. I managed to enable the 2player in Tekken Tag 2. It is because I was trying to assign the 1player and 2player buttons both from the keyboard. The reason is that you have to use different devices or controller for each player.
  2. Infinite thank you Stuart I just tried with this one too, same problem, no costumes. Now I know it depends on my computer, maybe some conflicts with the old versions of the game, I got fix that.
  3. Ok Son thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate, kind of difficult here finding someone who helps you .
  4. Thank you for you patience Son, Yes I knew about this mod it is on this topic, so you have all the costumes in your 4.12 version?
  5. Thank you so much I tried to do it but the same, everything ok but no Costumes. Can I write you in private? No way, I tried to do all the passages from the beginning, hope it is not the version of the game from VM site
  6. I turned the antivirus off but Inside the StreetfighterV_2024_01_14.rar there is only the UIO_AMIC.dll not also the UIO_AMICO.dll. Did you get the game from VirusMan too? Thank you for your help Son.
  7. Hi guys I've been able to let SFV 4.12 (from VirusMan) work on Jconfig, but I see there are no costumes available the new and the old ones. Can you help me? The only thing I see that maybe I have an old UIO_AMICO.dll version (2019). Could it depend on this? I don't know where I can get the new one, because it is not in the Jconfig SFV 2024 patch zip. Thank you so much
  8. On teknoparrot I'm playing it at the default resolution (my screen is at 1920x1080), but I'd like it smoother and defined especially in the background, that's why I wanted to improve it, as we can do with jconfig. But I don't know how to do it.
  9. Hi guys. is there a way to improve internal resolution in Dead Or Alive 6 in teknoparrot, as we can do in jconfig ? I could keep playing with jconfig but there is always on the screen a japanese text for the offline mode I believe, that is a bit bothering. Please help me thank you very much.
  10. Thank you very much I tried to do it so, but nothing. Thank very much for your help
  11. Hi thank you, I have the same version of you. Can you see the 2nd player buttons layout in the I/O of test menù. Which button do you press for the 2nd player Start ?Thank you for your help
  12. Thanks Wolf I'll try with that version and a different dump of the game, not the "ready to play" one.
  13. I don't have the 2nd player in the test menu, but I activated the pair play mode. Could it depend on the version of the game? Thank you for the patience
  14. Thank you so much for the help, now I can see in the I/O test menu the 2nd player buttons, but the 2p Start button doesn't work also other buttons. I have the version of Tekken Tag 2U that came with the rpcs3 preconfigured. The (ready to play) version I found on pixeldrain. Is there another version of the game or emulator?
  15. I’ll try to ask you again, how can I activate 2 players in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 U, cause there is no tutorial about it. In test menu I/O I can’t see the 2nd player buttons. Thank you
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