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Higher Resolution Dead or Alive 6 teknoparrot


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Hi guys.

is there a way to improve internal resolution in Dead Or Alive 6 in teknoparrot, as we can do in jconfig ?

I could keep playing with jconfig but there is always on the screen a japanese text for the offline mode I believe, that is a bit bothering.

Please help me thank you very much.


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15 ore fa, joe555 ha scritto:

What res are you playing at, and you get text in TP except says different since we play online, have only found the network icon to remove 

On teknoparrot I'm playing it at the default resolution (my screen is at 1920x1080), but I'd like it smoother and defined especially in the background, that's why I wanted to improve it, as we can do with jconfig. But I don't know how to do it.

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