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  1. Hello! This is the DJMAX Technika 1 arcade dump: [Hidden Content] (Arcade Dumps)/Dj max/DJMAX Technika 1 International 4 AC Data/ You just need to download the files, unzip them and run Client.exe to run the game (touchscreen recommended). I recommend downloading from the mirror link, since with the first one, the game doesn't work. (?) This game doesn't work without a security dongle, at least as far as I know. In the content unlocker folder, there are jut a few .dat files, and if someone knows how to use them, any help would be appreciated. (mirror)
  2. When I run the game (I have checked fake analog pedals + fake steering wheels, since I am playing on a keyboard), the pedals don't work. In the test menu I/O test section, the accelerator, when I press it, jumps only from -320 to +016, and the brake doesn't even jump to a positive number. How to make the pedals work?
  3. Aliens Armageddon install discs

    Can you send me?
  4. I just found this [Hidden Content]